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Vitali Klitschko: “David Haye Was The Stronger Loser Against Chisora!”

Posted on 07/24/2012

by Johnny Walker

WBC heavyweight world champion Vitali Klitschko has again made his disdain for his UK rival David Haye clear in a recent interview.

The elder Klitschko, you’ll recall, was unhappy with his younger brother Wladimir’s unanimous points win over the Klitschko-baiting Haye last year, and in numerous interviews called the Brit out for a fight. He repeatedly said he would put Haye “to the floor” and “in the dust” to repay him for his insults to the Klitschko family.

Haye was at the time “retired,” but soon emerged to take on Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora–who had previously fought and lost against Vitali–recently in London.

Where Chisora was able to push Klitschko–who said his left shoulder was injured early in the fight–and go the distance against him, Haye took care of business quickly, knocking Chisora out in round five.

Haye is now comparing he and Vitali’s recent efforts against the same opponent and calling out Klitschko to take him on. So far, however, the WBC champion is dismissive toward the idea, claiming that Haye was offered the slot on September 8 which eventually went to the little known Germany-based heavyweight Manuel Charr.

“[Haye and Chisora] are probably the best in the world, at trash-talking. We don’t want to use the same talking skills at the pressers before fights,” Vitaly said to RT.

“[The Klitschko brothers} both show our skills within the fight. Let the fists talk.

“Chisora fought Haye last weekend, and actually it was a fight between two Klitschko losers, who is the stronger one. David Haye showed that he was the stronger loser.

“Right now he has started to attack me, but to be honest right now in Moscow, on September 8 we discussed with David Haye this fight. But he made a decision to fight Chisora not Klitschko.”

Klitschko also sought to deflect criticism regarding the selection of Charr as his next opponent.

“He doesn’t have a big name but he’s young, has good skills and, who knows, maybe he’ll show good performance in this fight and it will be a big step up for him to build a new name, a new big name,” said Vitali.

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