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Tyson Fury Looks Impressive in WWE Debut

By Hans Themistode

Whether it’s in a boxing ring or a wrestling one, Tyson Fury just keeps on winning.

The Lineal Heavyweight champion made his WWE debut against super star wrestler Braun Strowman. The two larger than life men squared off at the Crown Jewel, in Saudi Arabia, on this Halloween night.

Fury came into this contest with little to no experience at all as a wrestler. Strowman on the other hand, was a champion several times over. Luckily for Fury however, the WWE is known to be well scripted, yet that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be in harm’s way.

From the beginning of the contest both big men stood eye to eye. It resembled a face to face stare down that many boxers have during the build up of their contest.

As Fury and Strowman stared at one another, Strowman began to beat on his chest and implore Fury to get it on right now. A grappling match broke out and Fury quickly found out, that was the last place he wanted to be. Strowman easily overpowered him and forced him to the ropes and two different occasions.

Fury seemingly learned his lesson as he landed a few rights and lefts to the body of Strowman. The roles were now reversed with Strowman moving away and wanting to turn their encounter into anything but a boxing match.

During the build up of Fury’s matchup, he was praised by just about everyone who watched him practice down at the WWE facilities in Orlando Florida. Most people, paid no attention to the high remarks as it was mostly viewed as a ploy. Fury proved many of us wrong as he placed his wrestling capabilities on display.

Strowman grabbed a hold of Fury’s arm and held it in a wrench. It looked like the Lineal champion would have no answer. Well, think again.

Fury dropped to the matt, flipped himself over and acrobatically got back to his feet. While doing so, he also managed to put Strowman in a side headlock.

The momentum quickly shifted when Fury found himself on his back, courtesy of a big boot from Strowman.

As the contest went on there was plenty back and forth with both fighters having their moments of success. Fury looked uncomfortable and awkward in the early goings, but he quickly adapted and looked surprisingly good out there. He capped off his WWE debut with a big time win over an established wrestling star.

The way in which Fury picked up his first win was very much fitting. Strowman climbed the ring apron with seemingly all the momentum behind him. Fury quickly rose to his feet and hit the 6 foot 8 inch tall, 385 pound Strowman with a right hand. The big man fell outside of the ring and was promptly counted out. Fury stood in the ring with his arms in the air elated about his successful debut.

After the contest, although Fury won, Strowman slammed the Lineal champion, proving that their feud is far from over.

If you were thinking that Fury’s foray into the world of the WWE was just a one off, think again.

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