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Tyson Fury Calls Out “Small, Stiff Idiot” UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez

Posted on 01/03/2013

by Johnny Walker

The post-Xmas season can be a slow time for boxing news, but top heavyweight contender Tyson Fury of the UK has an aversion to boredom.

Looking to enliven a rather dull week, Fury has taken to his Twitter account to call out the heavyweight champion of the much-despised by many boxing fans UFC.

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Fury muses that if the heavyweight boxing champion Klitschko brothers are currently unwilling to fight him, he’s ready to look elsewhere, including the world of mixed martial arts, for an opponent. So he’s called out UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez, who he mockingly depicts as a “small, stiff idiot” who will be pummelled into the dust should they meet in a cage or a boxing ring.


Fury has often referred to his background as an Irish “traveller” or gypsy, and this current stance on Velasquez reflects his oft-stated notion that he’s not only a boxer, but a true “fighting man,” ready to take on all comers, no matter the style of fight.

And if you doubt that Fury comes from a violent culture, reflect on the fact that his father, “Gypsy” John Fury, is currently serving time for gouging out a man’s eye. The reason? An old argument over a bottle of beer.

Fury insists he’ll smash any of the UFC’s top heavyweights — so the ball’s in your court, Dana White.

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