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TruTV Fri Night Knock Out Results: Jose Benavidez, Jr. wins by Technical KO

by Matthew N. Becher

In the latest installment of Top Ranks “Friday Night Knockouts” on TruTV, a new chapter will be written as top young fighters will look to make their marks and take steps closer to bigger fights and future stardom.

Photo: Top Rank

The co-main event will bring two young talents into the ring. First is 24 year old Emanuel Taylor (18-3 12K0) of Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland. Taylor has been fighting at a very high level as of late, taking on big names and recently beating Victor Cayo and Karim Mayfield. He had a couple of set back losses to two World Champions, the first to Chris Algieri and a very close to score decision loss to 3 time world titlist Adrien Broner, which many people thought could have went Taylor’s way. Taylor looks to right the ship against a young undefeated Antonio Orozco (21-0 15KO) of Mexico, who is coming off of an impressive unanimous decision win against veteran pugilist Steve Forbes. Both of these fighters will be looking to make statements and march towards supremacy in the Jr. welterweight division.

The main event also brings in young prospects who are going to try and impress on national television. Jorge Paez Jr. (38-5-2 23KO) is the 27 year old son of Jorge Paez, the former WBO and IBF featherweight champion. Paez will have his hands full with the local fighter and up and coming prospect Jose Benavidez Jr. (22-0 15KO). Benavidez is coming off of a big win over Mauricio Herrera and looks to keep the momentum going against Paez. Benavidez was trained by Hall of Famer Freddie Roach and tries to maintain a high level at the professional ranks as he did back when he was an amateur, garnering a record of 120-5.

Antonio Orozco (21-0 15KO) v. Emanuel Taylor(18-3 12KO) Jr. Welterweight

Taylor comes out throwing a quick sharp jab. Orozco starts early on the body. Both fighters landing lots of punches, mixing it up in the middle of the ring.

As the second round starts both fighters shoot out of their corners and start trading in the center of the ring. Orozco lands some big uppercuts, both men going toe to toe. Orozco begins landing heavy body shots, though Taylor is able to block most.

They third round has Emanuel Taylor slow down the pace of the fight, using his jab and trying to keep Orozco at bay. Taylor has begun to use more footwork and is countering Orozco’s punches. When Taylor stops moving though, Orozco is able to capitalize and land punches.

Orozco is landing the heavier of the shots and between the fourth and fifth round Taylor tells his corner that he is hurt and needs to step up on his defense.

Orozco is throwing power punches, with a lot of force. Taylor is splitting Orozco’s guard with a great double jab. Taylor is the better fighter when he uses his feet and puts out his jab. Orozco is trying to get inside and bang to the body and head.

In the second half of the fight Taylor continues to box, while Orozco is fighting with a controlled aggression. Orozco lands big counter punches and continues to work the body, slowly slowing down Taylor. Taylor then moves a bit to the side and throws Orozco into the corner, Orozco turns and gets Taylor trapped against the ropes and releases a flurry of punches.

Orozco starts the 7th with heavy hands. Taylor moving around throwing his jab out to keep distance. Both fighters are trading punches. The left hand has been Taylor’s beset punch and Orozco’s right eye has started to swell. Taylor finding good distance with his left hand and Orozco gets back to throwing big shots at the end of the round.

The eye is still swelling in the ninth and Orozco is now on the balls of his feet, landing shots and moving away. Taylor is targeting the right eye with a beautiful left hook. Taylor follows Orozco around the ring. Taylor starts landing big shots to the head, becoming the aggressor in round nine. Taylor is stalking Orozco making Orozco try and counter, but Taylor is getting out of the way too quick.

In the final round, both fighters come out knowing they need this last round to possibly win the fight. Taylor is the quicker fighter. Orozco bouncing around, trying to land something heavy. Both guys trading jabs, but neither taking the full initiative of the round.
Close fight, that will be left to the judges.

96-94 (2x) 98-92 UD10 Orozco

Jose Benavidez Jr. (22-0 15KO) v. Jorge Paez Jr. (38-5-2 23KO) Jr. Welterweight

The first thing that is clearly seen is that Benavidez has a tremendous reach advantage over Paez and starts using it in the beginning of the fight. Benavidez puts together some nice combinations while Paez is not able to throw any punches, and will have to get on the inside to land anything.
Benavidez continues to pump out his jab in the second, using his length. Paez catches Benavidez against the ropes and holds him there, throwing a lot of punches, with most of them being blocked.

Paez goes down on a great body shot withing the first 15 seconds of the third round. Benavidez attacks Paez with a barrage of punches. Paez moves around trying to block the jabs of Benavidez. Paez throwing no punches while Benavidez picks his shots.
Benavidez has found his distance and continues to just pump out punches from a safe place. Paez cannot get inside to land any punches in the fourth. Paez can only get punches in when Benavidez continues to lay on the ropes and bait Paez in.

At the halfway point of the fight, Benavidez works his jab and Paez is rarely able to get any punches past the length of Benavidez. Unless Benavidez is inclined to lay on the ropes, Paez is not throwing punches and eats a lot of jabs in the process.


Benavidez sticks to his game plan for the majority of the fight, slowly breaking down Paez. Paez comes out in the twelfth round with a swollen face and needing a knockout to win. Benavidez lands a left right combination that sends Paez down for the second time of the fight. He gets up at the eight count, but the fight is called off by the referee.

TKO 12 Benavidez 0:21

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