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Tim Bradley On Gervonta Davis: “He’s A Piece Of S–T”

Posted on 01/15/2023

By: Sean Crose

Future Hall of Famer and ESPN broadcaster Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley is most distinctly not a fan of current multititlist Gervonta “Tank” Davis. “I just don’t like the guy because of what I hear and what I see,” Bradley said to Fight Hub regarding Davis, who was recently accused of assaulting the mother of his daughter. “I think he’s a piece of shit. I honestly do. He’s a piece of shit. You put your hands on women like that, you’re a piece of shit in my book. You’re not a man. My dad always told me you’re a coward if you do something like that. You’re a coward deep down inside. You’re a coward because you’ve gotta to pick on somebody who can’t even defend themselves. That’s not right. And I don’t care about the what happened and all the whatever he’s saying afterwards and she did this and she did that”

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When asked about the assumed upcoming match between Davis and the popular and undefeated Ryan Garcia, Bradley made it clear that Garcia needs to improve on some things if he expects to win. Still, Bradley left no doubt as to who he’s pulling for. “I’m rooting for him,” Bradley said of Garcia. “I want him to win because I’m not a fan of Tank…I’m not a fan of what he does and the way he operates outside the ring and I want Ryan Garcia to knock his ass out. Knock him out. Sit him on his pants. Give him a rude awaiting….but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

Earlier in the interview, Bradley told Fight Hub that it was time for Davis to start facing some serious competition (he thinks Garcia fits the bill). “I think that Haymon and Mayeather Promotions have done a great job with building him, a great job with building the brand,” said Bradley. “Now it’s time to give him his career, the Hall of Fame career. That’s what Tank should be thinking about. Wanting to be remembered.”

As for Garcia, Bradley provided an honest assessment. “We’re not sure what he is,” Bradley said. “Is he a social media darling or is he a fighter?” Still, Bradley was compelled to compliment Garcia for having the courage to take on someone like Davis. “The kid deserves a ton of respect,” he said. “I’m no longer going to say Ryan Garcia isn’t ready for Tank….Is he ready? You know what? Dammit, he’s ready.” Not that Bradley thinks Garcia is as prepared for Davis as he could be.

“He’s got to fix these holes, first,” said Bradley, who refused to say what the hole’s in Garcia’s game might be. “You got a trainer,” he said. “He can tell you what it is.”

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