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ShoBox Results: Shohjahon Ergashev Defeats Mykal Fox and Patrick Ward Wins

Posted on 02/16/2019

By: Ken Hissner

The Kansas Star Arena, in Mulvane, KS, Friday, was the host site for Dmitriy Salita of Salita Promotions and King’s Promotions fight card on ShoBox The New Generation.

In the Main Event Super Lightweight Shohjahon “Decendent of Tamerlane” Ergashev, 16-0 (14), of UZB and Detroit, MI, defeated southpaw Mykal “Professor” Fox, 19-1 (5), of Upper Marlboro, NJ, over 10 foul filled rounds.

Photo Credit: Rosie Cohe/SHOWTIME

In the opening round Ergashev ran across the ring taking it to Fox keeping him against the ropes. Fox seemed to regain his composure trying to use his jab. Ergashev warned for fouling Fox by referee Bill Clancy not once but twice pushing Fox to the canvas.

In the second rouind Ergashev pushed Fox down for the third time in the fight. Referee Clancy threatened him once again but taking no points away. Fox ended up lifting Ergashev up off his feet. At the end of the round referee Clancy warned Ergashev.

In the third round Fox became the aggressor. Ergashev threw few punches since the warnings. It was all Fox in the round. In the fourth round Ergashev landed a clean lead left to the chin. Fox was moving around the ring once again. Ergashev warned again though he turned away and got hit on the back of the head.
In the fifth round regained the lead and then started moving around countering with a chopping left to the head. Fox contines giving Ergashev a boxing lesson. Ergashev seems to be holding back concerned being disqualified.

In the sixth round Ergashev landed a left to the body of Fox. Fox landed a triple jab to the chin of Ergashev. Referee Clancy warned Fox of bending over making Ergashev lean on him. Ergashev seemed frustrated not having an opponent like Fox. There were too many easy fights coming into this one. Ergashev ended the round with a left on the chin of Fox.
In the eighth round Fox continued to work the ring well having Ergashev walking into his jab. The fans were not happy with this round. In the ninth round Ergashev landed a lead left on the chin of Fox. Fox has done his best to keep the distance between both of them using his jab. Ergashev continued to follow Fox around as the fans again showed their displeasure. Fox landed a lead left and ran from Ergashev the last fifteen seconds. Clancy again got too involved between rounds.

In the tenth and final round Ergashev rushed in and got caught with a left on the chin from Fox. Ergashev landed a left and right on the chin of Fox. Ergashev rocked Fox with a straight left on the chin. Both fighters exchanged left hands to the chin. Ergashev made the fight while Fox did much to much running.
Scores were David Sutherland 96-94 while both judge’s Karen Holderfield and Jeff Sinnett scored it 98-92. This writer had it 95-95.

Super Bantamweight southpaw Jesse Angel Hernandez, 11-2 (7), of Ft. Worth, TX, lost a lopsided decision to Thomas Patrick “Taylor” Ward, 26-0 (4), of West Rainton, UK for the NABA USA title over 10 rounds.

In the second round Hernandez kept going from southpaw to orthodox not confusing Ward who uses a decent jab. In the third round Ward with the quicker hands has Hernandez walking into punches. Hernandez warned for using his forearm by referee Bill Clancy. Ward landed a left to the body while Hernandez tried countering missing by a mile. Ward landed a 3-punch combination to the body and head. Hernandez continues switching stances with neither working. Ward landed a combination to the head driving Hernandez against the ropes.

In the fourth round Ward landed a combination to the chin. Ward landed a solid left hook on the chin dropping Hernandez. In the fifth round Ward landed a 3-punch combination to the body and head. Ward landing single body shots with Hernandez keeping his hands high not returning any punches.

In the sixth round Ward landed a lead right on the chin. Ward is landing punch after punch with Hernandez trying to block them with no success. He is on the defense the entire round. In between rounds referee Clancy warned the Hernandez corner to start fighting of he will stop the fight.

In the seventh round Ward continued landing punches as Hernandez looked confused again switching stances. Ward landed a flurry of punches driving Hernandez to the ropes. In the eighth round Hernandez tried but Ward was much to fast for him. Again the referee went to the corner of Hernandez threatening to stop the fight.

In the ninth round Ward pinned Hernandez against the ropes with both swinging away but Ward out hitting him two to one. In the tenth and final round Hernandez’s punches are falling short as Ward counters well. Ward landed a solid left hook to the chin. Ward landed a double left hook to the body with the first border line. Ward landed a double left hook to the body while Hernandez misses a counter punch. Hernandez missed four straight punches as Ward ducked each one then landed a left hook at the bell.
Scores were 100-89, 99-90 98-90 with this writer 99-90.

Heavyweight Apti Davtaev, 16-0-1 (15), of Kurchaloi, RUS, stopped Richard “Silverback” Carmack, 15-15-1 (12), of Belton, MO, at 2:48 of the first round.
super Lightweight Bakhtiyar “Bakha Bullet” Eyubov, 14-0 (12), of KAZ, Houston, TX, ended in a majority draw with Jose Luis Rodriguez, 25-12-1 (13), of Monterrey, MEX, over 8 rounds.

Scores were 75-77, and 76-76 twice.
Flyweight 2016 Olympian Bronze Medalist Nico Hernandez,7-0 (4), of Wichita, KS, won a lopsided decision over Victor “Pillito” Trejo, Garcia, 16-10-1 (8), of Tlalnepantla, MEX, over 8 rounds.
Scores were 79-73 and 80-72 twice.
Flyweight Elena Saveleva, 5-1 (4), of Pushkino, RUS, stopped Tatiana Williams, 0-2 (0), of Kansas City, MO, in the first round.

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