ShoBox Recap: Conwell Knocks Out Toussaint In Ninth

By: Sean Crose

The 12-0 Charles Conwell stepped into the ring at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut on Wednesday to face the 12-0 Wendy Toussaint in a scheduled 10 round junior middleweight affair. The fight was aired live as the main event of Showtime’s ShoBox: The Next Generation card.

The first round was a somewhat close but uneventful affair. Conwell kept coming forward in the second, but Toussaint stood before him and applied his jab. The third and fourth essentially showcased the same pace, with Conwell moving forward and Toussaint remaining game before him. The fifth made it clear that Conwell was hoping to break Toussaint down while Touissant was looking for Conwell to crumble under the effort or to make an enormous mistake.


It was brought up in the middle rounds by the ShoBox team that the fight seemed on track to continue unchanged until the end. And, sure enough, the sixth and seventh rounds saw more of the same. Each man stuck to his respective strategy. Neither man seemed willing to make adjustments. The eighth, however, was rather fast paced. Conwell’s trainer told him in between rounds that he needed to pick up the pace.

In the ninth, he knocked Toussaint out with an impressive uppercut that broke Toussaint’s nose.

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