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Kovalev-Pascal II Media Conference Call Quotes

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev – WBO, WBA and IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion

On Pascal changing his training camp:
“What he says and what he will do in the ring is two different things.”

On his game plan for this fight:
“I don’t have any plans for the fight. We will go to the ring. A boxing fight is a street fight. No rules. It doesn’t matter what he will bring. I must be ready for anything. I don’t think about Pascal. I don’t think about what he will be. He has good motivation and he has a new coach, but I just should be ready for anything. If he will bring something better, it doesn’t matter.”

On being overconfident in the rematch:
“I am prepared the same with 100% responsible and I understand he is more motivated for this fight – more than the first one. He wants to be looking good in front of his fans in Canada but I am sure, and I know, that half of his fans shoot to my side after the last fight. He will pay for this January 30. We will see January 30 who he is. Usually who fought against me they are not going on in their careers afterwards. I didn’t destroy him because referee stopped the fight and saved his career. He forgot to say to referee thank you for saving my career. I have to finish my job. It should be a very different fight.”

On being angry at Pascal:
“This fight is personal fight. It is something personal for me. It is not everything true that he is speaking. I understand for why he is doing this. He is trying to make me angry. I am giving him a reminder. I didn’t do my job last time. I should have stopped his career.”

On his potential fight with Andre Ward:
“Andre ward is a great boxer. I am very happy he came to my division and we can make a very good fight for the fans. I want to fight with him, but now I have to stay focused on my next fight with Jean Pascal. ”

Jean Pascal – Former light heavyweight world champion

On changing trainers:
“Freddie Roach is a great coach. The big difference is he has the eye of the tiger. He sees things that other people can’t see. With his experience, he just polishes it for me. Camp is going beyond my expectations. The last ten days I was tired but now I am right back on track.”

On drug testing:
“It is just to show the world that we are in a clean sport and we are clean boxers. We can show the world that we are clean athletes. I am happy Sergey agreed to do this.”

On the early stoppage:
“Kovalev said I am talking a lot, but he is the one that is talking a lot. He says he is going to knock me out and end my career. I am still on top. I am still here. I am still selling out arenas even though I am not a champion. Sergey talks a lot. I hope this time he is going to be able to back it up.”

On John David Jackson’s comments:
“John David Jackson should mind his own business. He is not in my body and in my mind. He doesn’t know shit about me. I am still a warrior. I am still in my prime. The first fight was stopped early. Sergey was winning but I was coming back.”

On the bad blood between him and Kovalev:
“I know what I have to do to win this fight. Freddie Roach taught me what I needed to learn. The 30th I am going to apply everything that Freddie taught me. The last fight everyone was saying I need a rematch because it was Kovalev’s closest fight ever. It is going to be a good fight. The main thing for me is to stay focused.”

On why this fight will be different:
“This is all about continuing to improve myself with a new trainer, new technique and new approach. This will allow me to demonstrate a new Jean Pascal in the ring on January 30.”

On the importance of the first two rounds:
“I am not looking to make any excuses for the first couple rounds of the first fight. I am making those changes with Freddie Roach now and I do not anticipate being in the same mindset in this fight.”

On short training camp with Freddie Roach:
“I am not starting from scratch. I have many years of boxing. We are just tweaking some small mistakes to deliver big changes.”

Kathy Duva – CEO, Main Events

“We liked it so much the first time we are going to do it again. Ticket sales are beyond our projections so we are very happy. We have two great warriors who are going to create some fireworks and everyone is going to be entertained. We want to thank HBO and our good friends at Interbox. We really enjoy working with both of them.”

On whether or not Pascal deserves the rematch:
“People have short memories. Many members of the media felt he earned a rematch. That was what most people were asking when the fight ended. There are other options out there and the economics are best here. Jean Pascal is still the best available fighter willing to get in the ring with Sergey. He is coming in with Freddie Roach, which brings more to the table. Sergey and Pascal are going to give their best. We think our fighter can win and so does the Pascal side.”

“We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week.”

Pierre Duc – President, Interbox

“Many thanks to HBO for allowing this to happen again. Thanks to Main Events and Sergey Kovalev for coming here again to defend his titles. It is our third project in the year with Main Events. This sets an example for how promoters should be working together. Kovalev-Pascal I was nothing short of spectacular. We are expecting an even greater performance again next week. Do not miss this great evening.”

On current ticket sales:
“We were closer to what we sold on the first fight. By the time we get to the Belle Centre I think there will be about 9,000 fans in the building.”

“We wish all the best for the two fighters. May the best man win. Those who are going to be watching are going to be given a phenomenal night. Looking forward to seeing everyone on January 30.”

John David Jackson – Trainer, Kovalev

“When we talk about the first fight, we talk about the mistakes that were made. This is a grudge match. It isn’t hard to get him motivated. Now we need to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s. The fight with Gonzalez on the last card, Pascal looked shot. I don’t see much more he can do. He is going to have to make a dog fight in the ring to stand with Sergey.”

“Pascal may not be the same fighter that he once was but he is still dangerous. Sergey is ready and motivated. He wants to make a statement with this fight. No shortcomings on our side. We will be ready come fight night.”

On Freddie Roach:
“It could make a difference. It depends on the student you have. I don’t know if Pascal can do that. He has been around for a while and has been a champion. How much can Freddie teach him in one fight? It usually takes me three or four fights to really work out all the kinks with a fighter.”

Freddie Roach – Trainer, Pascal

On changes made with Pascal in this training camp:
“He is boxing a lot better. We are shortening the combinations up. He is definitively ready to fight. You will see a much better fighter this time around. It is a short amount of time. Jean has picked it up quickly. His power is still there also. If he fights smart, he can win this fight.”

On the importance of the earlier rounds:
“We don’t want him to fall into his old style and lay on the ropes. Jean Pascal doesn’t work with Roy Jones anymore because Pascal is better than Jones.”

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