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Jaime Munguia Knocks Out Gonzalo Coria In 3

Posted on 11/19/2022

By: SeanCrose

The 40-0  former world titlist Jaime Munguia returned to the ring on Saturday in Guadalajara to headline a main even broadcast live by DAZN. The 26 year old Munguia’s opponent in the scheduled 10 round middleweight affair was the unheralded 21-5 Gonzalo Coria. Suffice to say, Munguia, who had earned criticism recently for his recent choice of opponents, was widely expected to win in definitive fashion.

Munguia handily outclassed the southpaw Coria in the first though Argentina’s Coria made it clear through his aggression that he was in it to win it. With that being said, Coria was able to largely avoid Munguia’s punches through much of the second. It was a smart strategy, but would it last and prove to be a winning one? The truth was, it barely even got Coria through the round. First, a hard Munguia right put Coria down. He was, however, able to get to his feet and survive the chapter. He had merely prolonged the inevitable.

Munguia landed power shots in the third, bloodying his man’s face. A body shot sent Coria down towards the end of the round. He didn’t beat the count. In short, Munguia took care of business, which was exactly what he was supposed to do. The question now is whether or not Munguia will take on serious competition in 2023.

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