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“I Will Send Him To Sleep.” Andres Campos Plans To Take Out Sunny Edwards In Memorable Fashion

By: Sean Crose

An interesting flyweight title bout is going down this weekend at London’s OVO Arena Wembley between defending IBF champion Sunny Edwards and Andres Campos. The scheduled 12 rounder will be broadcast live on DAZN on Saturday and will not only decide who will walk out of the ring with the IBF title belt, but also which of the two combatants will remain undefeated, the currently 19-0 Edwards or the currently 15-0 Campos. Although defending champion Edwards will be fighting in front of a hometown crowd, Campos is exuding nothing but confidence in the leadup to the opening bell.

“Sunny Edwards has never fought against anyone like me,” Chile’s Campos says. “I am by far the best opponent that he will have faced. I have lots of experience fighting against and defeating undefeated guys from both the amateurs and pros. I am starving for success. I am so hungry to win this World Title and make history for Chile. ” While willing to give Edwards credit for being a skilled ring practitioner, Campos is presenting himself as simply being the better fighter of the two.

Image: Matchroom Boxing

“Sunny Edwards is good,” he says, “but he is not good enough to beat me. I know that I am better than him and I will show you all on Saturday night. I have three scenarios: scenario A, B and C. We have trained so hard for each one. Sunny won’t be able to run away from me like a dancer. He is just dancing and running all the time. I will send him to sleep before the twelfth round.” Although he’s rather outspoken, Campos insists he’s not the sort of person to trash an opponent before a fight.

“I never trash talk,“ he says. “I always do my talking in the ring and let my fists take care of business. Sunny is famous for his trash talking, not for his boxing. Chile doesn’t have any World Champions and I will make history for my country and my continent of South America. I will be the first one. The IBF World Title is very special to me.” And the fact that he must face Edwards in front of the man’s hometown crowd?
“Fighting in the UK for the first time as a professional doesn’t faze me at all,” Campos says. “As a pro I have fought in Australia and in Argentina. It is not such a big change for me. Remember, I have done almost all of my 95 fights outside of my country. I have represented Chile all over the world. I don’t feel the pressure. To fight here in the UK is nothing big for me.” Indeed, Campos indicates he’s actually the more popular of the two fighters not only in his homeland of Chile, but in England, as well.

“Since I arrived in the UK last week,” he says, “everyone that I have met in the gyms, malls and streets – everyone has told me that I have to beat that trash talker Sunny Edwards. Everyone that talks to me about Sunny Edwards wants me to beat him. They all want me to become the first man to beat him.”

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