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Hopkins vs. Dawson Results: Chad Dawson Wins Title By A Questionable TKO

Posted on 10/15/2011

By: William Holmes

Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins takes on Chad Dawson in the main event of tonight’s HBO PPV offering. Can Hopkins continue his unbelievable reign as light heavyweight champion at the age of 46? Or will Dawson reclaim his light heavyweight title? Dawson comes out first to little fanfare, and Hopkins comes out second with a highlight montage being played on the screens at the Staples Center. Hopkins of course is wearing his famous executioner’s face mask. Round by round results are as follows.

Photo: Tom Hogan/Golden Boy

Bernard Hopkins (52-5-2) vs. Chad Dawson (30-1); Light Heavyweight Championship

Round 1:

Hopkins and Dawson come out to the center of the ring, Hopkins in the red trunks and Dawson in the blue. Dawson lands an early jab to the head of Hopkins. Hopkins lands a right hand and charges forward and clinches. Hopkins staying on the outside, and out of the range of the punches of Dawson. Dawson connects with a straight left hand. Dawson with two quick jabs. Hopkins charges in, clinches, and lands an overhand right. Hopkins is circling towards the power hand of Dawson, and lands a straight right hand. Hopkins with a four punch combination near the ropes. Dawson with a jab to the body of Hopkins. Fighters exchange near the corner and Hopkins with an overhand right. Close round, but 10-9 round for Dawson.

Round 2:

Dawson comes forward and lands a jab to the body of Hopkins. Dawson misses three punches as Hopkins stays out of range. Hopkins with a straight right hand. Fighters clinch by the ropes and the referee seperates them. Dawson tries to catch Hopkins by the corner but doesn’t land anything. Hopkins with a lead right hand, fighters clinch, and Dawson slips and touches the floor with his glove. Dawson with two quick jabs that barely misses. Hopkins lands a straight right hand to the body of Dawson. Fighters clinch by the ropes. Hopkins with two right hands, and Dawson with two left hands of his own. Dawson ducks under a straight hand by Hopkins, and Hopkins gets picked up by Dawson and dropped by the ropes. Hopkins appears to be hurt and is laying underneath the ropes in pain. Hopkins is telling the referee that his left shoulder is hurt and the ring side doctor comes out to check on it.

Hopkins claims his left shoulder has been dislocated and that he cannot continue. The referee is saying that he did not call a foul, and since Hopkins cannot continue it is a TKO victory by Dawson. If this was an MMA fight a TKO call by the referee would make sense, but this is a boxing match, and you cannot get a knockdown or a knockout from a takedown in a boxing match. Very questionable call by the referee, and surely this will be debated amongst boxing fans everywhere whether the referee made the right call or not.

Chad Dawson wins the Light Heavyweight title by a questionable 2nd round TKO at 2:48.

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