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Boxer, Trainer, Cut Man, Promoter & Actor, That’s Philly’s “Joey Eye!”

By: Ken Hissner

Good things come in “small packages” and Philly’s Joey Intrieri! Started boxing around age 10 and ran in one of Stallone’s Rocky Movies with the actor. He was hooked in his early life!

“Joey Eye” with the big eye on the back of his vest has been in many corners as a cut man. He entered the Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame in 2015.

Intrieri was falsely suspended by Pennsylvania Boxing Director Greg Sirb who finally dropped the suspension but only as a cut man not a promoter. He was filming a bare knuckle show for Showtime and that is all Sirb needed. Intrieri beat up Sirb in a “celebrity” match. Then not long before the suspension at a MMA match. The two rolled on the ground and up was the winner “Joey Eye!” Both are about the same height closer to 5 foot than 6 foot. What he didn’t know is that “revenge” would eventually catch up to him!

Intrieri is a very popular individual with the fight and movie people. The word “character” was meant for him! Though living in New Jersey he has run gyms in South Philly and operates out of that area.

The “Eye Man” agreed to do a Q&A with this writer.

KEN HISSNER: So what is it you like doing best the fight game or the movie business?

JOEY EYE: I definitely like the fight game much more. Cause it’s as real as it gets.

KEN HISSNER: So what movies have you been involved with of late?

JOEY EYE: I recently finished a film called “Without You”. I played a mobster called Bobby Pajamas.

KEN HISSNER: In your estimate how many fights have you saved for fighters?

JOEY EYE: I can only take an estimated guess and say close to over 100 fighters I have saved. But I don’t really keep track.

KEN HISSNER: How was it getting inducted into the PAB HOF?

JOEY EYE: Being inducted was such an honor. One of the best nights in my life in boxing along with going into the NJB HOF November 9, 2017! It’s so rewarding getting recognized for my hard work and dedication.

KEN HISSNER: Do you miss promoting at Harrah’s in Chester?

JOEY EYE: Yes most definitely. I am the first promoter to have promoted boxing in a casino in PA. No one can take that away from me.

KEN HISSNER: What do you think of the fight game today with the better fighters coming in from the European West?

JOEY EYE: I love watching these young and hungry, tough and skilled fighters from Europe today. I was Sergey Kovalev’s cut man early in his career.

KEN HISSNER: Who do you think is pound for pound the best today and who is your favorite fighter?

JOE EYE: Lomachenko is absolutely the best pound for pound fighter today. He is my favorite modern day fighter and Willie Pep my old school favorite fighter.

KEN HISSNER: Do you want to give a shout out to your many fans?

JOEY EYE: To all my fans out there I just want to say thanks for always coming out to the fights to support and without them it would mean so much less!! Keep on punchin! See ya at the fights!

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