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SICK OF IT: Cain vs Abel Revisited?

Posted on 08/11/2008

By Philip H. Anselmo

You know, every media source imaginable insists that in order to determine the heavyweight champion of the world, IBF/IBO/WBO unified champ Wladimir Klitchko must AGAIN meet WBC champ Sam “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter.

If that fight were to happen, I have it on good information that it would be Sam Peter’s nightmare in the ring, because he knows better than anyone that after fighting Wlad the first time,

he can’t beat him! The Duva-powered pro-Peter machine can scream all day long about how Sam Peter is the best heavy in the world, but at the same time, they can’t find a voluntary defense for him that’s soft enough to save their lives, much less Sam’s career!

Sam is a fighter who could be beaten by any heavyweight at any time! He’s overweight, overrated, and vulnerable to guys who can do more than stand directly in front of him!

Why isn’t he fighting Vladimir Virches or Juan Carlos Gomez, the #1 & #2 contenders for his WBC title? Because Duva and the true boxing insiders, especially myself know Sam would have an extravagant chance to lose! And in the obscurity of Europe!

The powers that be, whether it’s The Ring magazine, or whoever else makes these decisions, ought to recognize the fact that Wlad has already beaten Sam handily in their first fight (2 of the 3 knockdown’s called against Wlad were horseshit calls), and that fact alone is enough to have Wladimir Klitchko recognized as full fledged champ.

If a rematch between Wlad & Sam were supposed to sort things out in the so-called “faceless” heavyweight division, the theatre of the unexpected known as boxing has made a last minute substitute to the program.

In walks big brother, and former WBC champ emeritus,

Vitali Klitchko, who’s penciled in to fight Peter in the Fall on pay-per-view. Wladimir hasn’t ever fought on pay-per-view.

After 4 years away from boxing due to numerous injuries and multi-mayoral attempts in his hometown of Kiev, Vitali has finally decided to exercise his unmitigated right to challenge Peter for his strap, thus the dream of both Klitchko brothers holding world titles simultaneously is still a great possibility, while little brother Wladimir’s dream of being unified champion of the world goes on ice.

Truth be told, I believe Vitali is jealous of his little brothers dominance. And the way everything in the heavy division is panning out with mandatory defenses, and the lack of cooperation to unify all 4 belts etc., there is NO WAY Wladimir isn’t extremely disappointed over his brother’s decision. Blood may be thicker than water, but when Sam defends his WBC belt against it’s former owner, big brother Vitali, the outcome of the fight has to be of keen interest to three-belt holder, and little bro Wladimir.

(A) If Vitali beats Peter in a slugfest, a potential big money rematch with Sam goes down the toilet for a few obvious reasons, however, the brother’s life-long dream of being duel champions will have finally come true.

But will Vitali actually defend the title if he wins it?

And whom would he fight? Does Wladimir chase the WBA title, or does Vitali?

(B) If Peter beats a rusty, slower version of Vitali by dramatic KO, it practically solidifies an instant rematch with Wladimir, in a big cash event that would finally put the heavy crown on someone’s head.

So, to ask a question that’s flat out taboo…

Who does Wladimir truly pull for in the darkest recesses of his imagination?

In his heart, he’ll always have that inseparable link with his brother, and both seem to vicariously live through one another’s careers, with both brothers showing affection and dedication to each other. However it’s been Vitali who’s watched Wladimir accelerate through the division for the past 4 years, and perhaps he feels that he’s healthy enough to fight again, however I question his decision.
Business is business, and there’s hardly any room for both brothers to rule the entire heavyweight ranks, depriving the boxing public one dominant champion. It may be best for Vitali, if he beats Peter, to relish his victory, and take pride in the fact that the Klitchko dream came true, but also respect his brother Wladimir’s dream and hard work to unify the division himself, and be man enough to vacate the title and retire.

What else would there be for Vitali to prove? And would his aging, battle-worn, multi-injury-prone body even allow him to defend his title? Vitali has to know he’s upsetting Wlad’s plans, thus causing what could amount to heavy tension between the two of them.

Let’s hope Vitali sees the tremendous picture, and that he realizes that the picture is really a mirror, and that his eyes see more than just self-serving destiny, as well as age in his face. As entangled the Klitchko bros have always been, Vitali must also visualize a younger, prime Wladimir staring back at him with a purposeful hunger in his eyes, who deserves the respect that he’s worked for, whilst Vitali himself has been nursing chronic injuries and endeavoring into anything, but boxing. The mirror doesn’t lie.

Even if Vitali beats Sam Peter, his days as a reliable fighter are but a memory.

The quest to reign as THE legit champ for Wladimir may remain in immediate doubt, but it’s his destiny, no matter whom he has to beat to achieve the grueling goal of unifying the collective belts.

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