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Josh Taylor Now Views Showdown Against Jack Catterall Differently: “I Can See Why People Thought That Jack Won”

Posted on 05/03/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Paul Devlin/SNS Group via Getty Images

A look of despair and uncertainty was plastered onto the face of Josh Taylor following 12 hard-fought rounds against Jack Catterall.

Pegged as a considerable favorite heading into their February 26th showdown, most were under the assumption that Taylor would waltz through the ropes and dazzle his hometown crowd at the SSE Hydro. Yet, Catterall refused to simply lay down.

The former undefeated contender stood defiantly in the face of the undisputed 140-pound titlist and did as he pleased. In addition to outboxing Taylor for long stretches, Catterall successfully knocked his man down in the eighth. Although a point was taken away from him for excessive holding, Catterall screamed exuberantly as the final few seconds officially ticked off the clock.

Having turned in a career-best performance, Catterall was convinced that his world title dreams were only moments away from being realized.

However, Catterall was left shellshocked as Taylor was announced the victor. Initially, Taylor was bemused as criticism and controversy mounted. Taylor, 31, was originally of the belief that Catterall won no more than a handful of rounds. Nevertheless, having flicked on his television set and rewatched their contest on several occasions, Taylor admits that after further analysis, although he still believes the right man won, giving Catterall the decision would have been fair as well.

“I can see why people thought that Jack won,” said Taylor during an interview with Sky Sports Boxing. “There were a lot of rounds in there that could’ve went either way. If it was a draw, it would have been a fair result. If it had went to Jack by a point or two, I wouldn’t have grumbled. Obviously, I would’ve been gutted that I lost my titles. I still feel like I did just enough to win the fight. It was a close fight, it could’ve went either way. I personally scored it 113-112 for myself.”

In addition to Taylor coming to the realization that giving Catterall the nod wouldn’t have been considered controversial, the current undisputed world titlist is pondering a move up in weight. Having spent the entirety of his career at 140 pounds, Taylor believes that his 5’10” frame has made it nearly impossible for him to continue defending his undisputed throne.

While Taylor admits that it wasn’t his best day at the office, he maintains that an arduous weight cut played an enormous part in his disappointing showing.

“It was a really bad performance for myself. Way below par. I just felt that I couldn’t really get going. I think that the weight cut had a massive impact on my performance. There’s no excuse, it was a bad performance, it is what it is.”

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Josh Taylor Open To Running Things Back With Jack Catterall But Only At A Catchweight

Posted on 03/10/2022

By: Hans Themistode

A look of uncertainty was plastered across the face of Josh Taylor.

Originally, the pound-for-pound star and undisputed 140-pound titlist believed that no matter what Jack Catterall brought to the table on February 26th, his efforts would be in vain. With Taylor walking into their contest as a heavy favorite, the 31-year-old was fully convinced that his mandatory challenger was on the verge of a one-sided beating.

Despite Taylor’s thoughts, Catterall proved to be a humongous thorn in his side. Not only was Taylor bleeding profusely following 12 close rounds, but he also tasted the canvas for the first in his career in the eighth round.

Regardless of his struggles, Taylor managed to eke out a highly controversial split decision win. Even now, several weeks later, Taylor is bemused by the overwhelming notion that he was given a bit of hometown cooking.

“Fair play Jack,” said Taylor during an interview with Sky Sports Boxing. “He had great tactics, great game plan and he executed it well but I still think I did just enough to win the fight.”

An enraged Catterall stormed out of the ring and exited The SSE Hydro Arena once the decision was ultimately read. For Taylor, although he had little to no trouble making the 140 pound super lightweight weight limit, having fought in the division since 2015, he admitted that he’s no longer willing to go the extra mile in order to make the weight. Instead, the slick and crafty southpaw will try his hand seven pounds north as a full-fledged welterweight.

With Catterall still acrimonious over the final result, Taylor has offered him a chance to redeem himself. With that said, however, Catterall must be willing to acquiesce to Taylor’s weight demands.

“Maybe we can have a fight again, why not? I’m certainly open to it. Most likely probably a catchweight. I just can’t make the weight anymore, safely I don’t think. So yea, we’ll see how it goes but I’m game for a rematch.”

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Josh Taylor Survives Knockdown, Point Deduction, Against Jack Catterall

Posted on 02/26/2022

By: Hans Themistode

Throughout most of their fight build-up, Jack Catterall locked his eyes on Josh Taylor’s IBF, WBO, WBA, WBC, and Ring Magazine 140 pound titles. The British native craved championship glory and was steadfast in his belief that his moment in the sun had finally arrived. Although Catterall marched through the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, with a smile plastered right across his face, by the end of the night, it was wiped away.

Taylor strolled confidently to the center of the ring once the opening bell rang but was quickly met with a strong overhand left from Catterall. A visibly shaken Taylor stumbled halfway across the ring as a result. Even with Taylor momentarily stunned, Catterall didn’t rush in. He calmly worked his jab from the outside and kept his distance when need be.

With a bit of momentum, Catterall kept things going in the second. He slowly moved around the ring, playing matador to Taylor’s bull. With each missed shot, Catterall made his man pay. Taylor had no answer as Catterall continued to out-box his man. As the clock flashed a few seconds remaining in the period, Catterall connected with a two-punch combination before the bell rang.

In round three, Taylor attempted to get his mojo going. He blasted Catterall with a clean right hand that pushed his man into the ropes. Ultimately, the undisputed 140-pound titlist kept up his aggression. He attacked his mandatory challenger against the ropes and found success with a concentrated work rate to the body.

As the midway point of their contest rolled by, both men seemed to exchange numerous rounds. At times though, Taylor would fall into a lull and allow himself to get out-boxed. In the seventh, in particular, Catterall blasted Taylor with a four-punch combination.

In a change of pace in the eighth, Catterall stood his ground in the center of the ring and connected with another eye-catching combination. As a result, Taylor hit the deck for the first time in his career. While he was visibly buzzed, Taylor fought back in the round to make things close.

At various times throughout their contest, referee Marcus McDonnell continually stepped in to pause the action. In the ninth, Catterall was handed a point deduction for excessively holding. A re-energized Taylor upped his aggression in the tenth, leaving a lasting impression on Catterall as he spent most of the period covering up.

Taylor appeared to bank the penultimate round with another solid work rate. However, in what was a consistent theme, referee Marcus McDonnell deducted a point from Taylor due to him hitting his man well after the bell.

With a home title defense for Taylor on the brink, as well as Catterall’s championship dreams on the line, both men fought tooth and nail in the final period. Once their contest concluded, both raised their hands in victory.

It took several minutes for all three judges to hand in their scorecards but once they did, the crowd roared happily as Taylor was handed a split decision victory. Judge Howard Foster believed the road warrior in Jack Catterall did just enough to earn the victory, handing in a scorecard of 113-112. Ultimately, he was overruled by Ian John-Lewis who gave Taylor the nod 114-111, as well as Victor Loughlin who saw it 113-112 in Taylor’s favor.

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