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Round 5 Releases New Line Of Collectible Figures: UFC Titans

Posted on 08/23/2011

Round 5 President Damon Lau announces an all-new line of collectible figures, UFC Titans, the latest brand extension of Round 5’s incredibly popular UFC license.

“For the last 3 years, we have had a great time working on our Ultimate Collector Series and the complementary UFC Live and UFC Versus collections. We are incredibly excited to announce our latest project: UFC Titans, says Lau. “As the UFC has grown into a mainstream sport, we wanted to produce a new line that appeals to our current fans as well as the new audiences who are finally recognizing mixed martial arts as the greatest sport on earth.”

The 5-inch UFC Titans figures are one inch shorter than the Ultimate Collector Series but share the same points of articulation at the neck, waist, arms and fists. Fans both new and old will see familiar faces in UFC Titans Series 1, as Round 5 will release figures of Randy Couture, Royce Gracie, Chuck Liddell, BJ Penn, and Georges St-Pierre. While the figures feature the same realistic reproduction of the faces of individual fighters, the Titans feature a more light-hearted design featuring oversize heads and, a first from Round 5, all-vinyl construction.

“The design and vinyl construction is reminiscent of the vinyl HAO-Arts PRIDE collectibles. Fans of the UFC brought in by new names like Brock Lesnar or the last season of The Ultimate Fighter may not necessarily know the full history of the sport or have a deep knowledge of the epic PRIDE fights,” says Barron Lau, CEO of Round 5. “Combining current and future UFC Hall of Famers with vinyl construction and a new whimsical concept, we wanted to give new fans of the sport a collectible they can appreciate that still appeals to our hardcore supporters.”

UFC Titans has been in the pipeline since 2008, but Round 5 “leaked” the figures by mixing a few Titans prototypes into their display at UFC Fan Expo Toronto in April.

“We got instant feedback and a lot of questions about the prototypes at the booth and through our Facebook page,” says Damon Lau, “That’s what I love about our fans. You can’t slip anything by them.”

UFC Titans will be available in November 2011 and will retail for $14.99. Round 5 targets a bi-annual series release.

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