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Donofrio MMA: Mayday Results from the Palace

Main Event

Charlie Cosens Def. P J. Caram by TKO (punches) at :50 sec of the Third round

John Walker def. Mike Guerrero by Submission (Triangle Choke) at :50 sec of the 4th Round(125 lbs) Walker Retains his Flyweight Belt

Rachel Smith def. Sheena Starr Brandenburg by TKO (punches) at 2:31 of the First round and becomes new Flyweight Champion

Shae Butler def. Dallas Proctor by Verbal Submission (elbow) at 1:18 of the First round and becomes new Welterweight Champion

Victor Jones def. David O’Neil by Verbal Submission (broken finger)at :36 of the Second Round and becomes New Light Heavyweight Champions

Chandra Engel def. Amanda Bobby Cooper by TKO Punches @:52 of the Fifth

Round and retains her Super Flyweight Title (125 lbs)


Keith Frattarelli def. Kevin Pomary by Knock out at 1:23 first round

Marcel Dubose vs Fred Gribbens. Declared no contest due to illegal elbow strike to the head of Gribbens

Brian “Ziplock” Fornasiero def. Andrew Sigers by submission (triangle choke) at 2:36 of first round

Eddie Evan def. Scotty Fox at 1:06 of first round via submission (rear naked choke)

Steve Wendling def. Nate Pomeroy via unanimous decision

Hillbilly Travis Pettengill def. Issac Dolton via submission (neck crank) in the First round

Ruben Baraiac def. Fred Turverville via TKO (refree stoppage) @ :07 of the First Round

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