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Bellator 48 Results: Seth Petruzelli Kos Rico Rodriguez, Curran KO’s Sandro to win tournament

Posted on 08/20/2011

By: William Holmes

Bellator finishes off their summer season with a stacked card featuring former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez, the featherweight tournament final of Marlon Sandro against Pat Curran, and Bellator Heavyweight Champion Cole Konrad.

Rene Nazare (9-0) vs. Juan Barrantes (7-5);Lightweight

Round 1:

Nazare comes forward with a multi punch combination, and tags him a few times. Nazare landing a few hard uppercuts and comes forward with a high kick. Fighters clinch up and Barrantes’s back isi against the cage. Nazare landing a few strikes to the knee of Barrantes. A hard uppercut lands from Nazare. Nice body kick two punch combination by Nazre. Nazre’s right hand forces B to go backwards. Another high kik lands by Nazare. Barrantes lands a few body shots, and wipes the blood away from his eyes. Nazare landing multiple hard shots, and Barrantes locks in a muy thai clinch. N shoots in on a double leg take down and slams B down. Nazare in full guard landing some short elbows and punches. A hard short elbow lands for Nazare. Nazare’s brutal ground and pound allows him to get to side control. Barrantes goes for a triangle choke and Nazare easily gets out of it. Nazare follows with more ground and pound. Nazare now in half guard and landing more strikes. Barrantes is eating a lot of shots and is bleeding badly. Nazare looks to be going for a guillotine choke and the round ends. 10-8 for Nazare.

Round 2:

Nazarre lands the first strike of the round with a jab. Barrantes tries to move forward but Nazare has him backing up again with some punches. Nazare lands an overhand right. Nazarre lands a few leg kicks. Nazarre lands a takedown easily. Lands a few elbows from within guard. Nazare in half guard, and lands a few more short elbows. Barrantes is busted up pretty badly. Nazare lands a couple hard body shots. Nazarre’s ground and pound shows no signs of letting down. Referee tells Nazare to watch Barrantes eyes. Barrantes executes a beautiful sweep and gets back to his feet. Nazare lands a few hard uppercuts, and Barrantes goes for a guillotine that Nazare easily slides out of it. Nazare lands two very hard rabbit punches. Nazare is just brutalizing Barrantes. 10-8 for Nazare.

Round 3:

The ring side physician stops the fight, as Barrantes’ eye is swollen shut. Very good showing by Nazare. Nazare wins by 2nd TKO.

Ricco Rodriguez (46-11) vs. Seth Petruzelli (13-6); Heavyweight

Round 1:

Fighters come out to the center and touch gloves. Rodriguez on the outside, and throws a high kick. Pettruzelli lands a leg kick, and Rodriguez answers with one of his own. Petruzelli lands a front kick to his opponent’s chin. Petruzelli lands a spinning back kick that lands low, Rodriguez will get five minutes to recover. Fight restarts and Petruzelli lands a takedown that Rodriguez willingly gives up. Petruzelli gets back to his feet. A head kick lands for Petruzelli. Petruzelli lands a side kick, and then a hard leg kick. Petruzelli lands two hard overhand rights. Rodriguez lands a knee to the head. Rodriguez lands a body kick, and Petruzelli finds his back against the case as Rodriguez gets in on a single leg. Petruzeeli lands some strong hooks to the head of Rodriguez. Petruzelli lands a hard overhand right. Petruzelli lands a spinning back kick that impresses the crowd, and Ricco watches in and Petruzelli lands a brutal straight right hand that knocks Ricco Rodriguez out. Petruzelli follows up with some shots and hammer fists to an already unconscious Rodriguez. Seth Petruzelli wins by knockout at 4:21 of round 1. Afterwards he announces his attention to drop to light heavyweight again.

Fred Oteri (8-1) vs Ryan Quinn (6-2); Welterweight

Round 1:

Quinn gets the earily takedown. Quinn gets into side control, Oteri moves his hipes to get back into full guard. Quinn transitions to mount beautifully. Oteri gives up his back, and Quinn goes for the rear naked choke. Oteri gets choked out unconsciously. Ryan Quinn executed some beautiful jiu jitsu and wins by rear naked choke, technical submission at 1:49 of round 1.

Cole Konrad (7-0)vs. Paul Buentello (29-13); Heavyweight

Round 1:

Fighters circle each other to begin round one, and Buentello lands an early jab. Konrad lands a harrd jab of his own. Konrad lands a few leg kicks. Fighters circling each other again, not much action so far. Konrad throws out a few more jabs, and lands an inside leg kick. Buentello just circling and backing away. Buentello lands a straight right. Konrad lands another hard jab, and misses with an uppercut. Fans begin to boo as there is not much action at all. Buentello throws and lands an uppercut. Konrad lands a hard outside kick. An inside kick also lands. Fans starting booing some more, as Buentello does not seem anxious to engage. 10-9 round for Konrad, and the boos continue.

Round 2:

Buentello lands an early jab. Buentello seems wary of Konrad’s jab. Buentello lands another jab. Buentello becoming more active with his hands this round. Konrad lands an inside kick, and the crowd begins to boo again. Konrad lands an inside leg kick. Buentello being passive again, and a straight right connects for Konrad. Konrad lands a body kick. Another slow round. Buentello throws an overhand right and Konrad attempts a clinch that Buentello gets out. Konrad lands another outside leg kick, and later connects with some uppercuts to the body of Buentello. Konrad comes forward and lands an overhand right. Fighters exchange by the cage and Buentello lands the more accurate punches. Tough round to score, 10-9 round for Konrad.

Round 3:

Close fight, neither fighter can afford to be in active in this round. Konrad lands an inside leg kick, and follows with an outside leg kick. Konrad lands a body kick, and appears to be tiring. Buentello comes rushing in land two shots but catches Buentello as he falls to the ground. Konrad lands some heavy ground and pound. He attempts a rear naked choke but is unable to grasp it. Konrad landing some ground and pound and is in half guard. Konrad raining down some more ground and pound, mainly short shots. The Referee stands the fighters up. Buentello lands some shots, and after landing a body shot gets hit with an uppercut by Konrad. Fight ends with some in the crowd booing. 10-9 round for Konrad.

The official decision is 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Cole Konrad.

Pat Curran (15-4) vs. Marlon Sandro (19-2); Featherweight

Round 1:

Curran and Sandro come out touching gloves. Curran throws an overhand right that misses. Sandro comes in with a hard overhand right that Curran ducks. Sasndro lands a two punch combination and follows with a hard thigh kick. Sasndro lands a quick straight right hand as Curran comes in with a flying knee. Sandro eats a push kick to his cut but the fight continues. Sandro lands a few more shots and lands a hard uppercut. Sandro lands another hard leg kick. Curran lands a kick to the body of Sandro, and fights exchange leg kicks. Sandro with a spinning back kick attempt. Sandro comes in with a two punch combination. Sandrs throws a hard uppercut that Curran lartially blocks. Curran lands an overhand right while Sandro lands a leg kick. Sandro lands a spinning back kick to Curran’s body. Sandro comes on with a two punch combination that partially lands. Fighters exchange leg kicks again. Sandro has been more of the aggressor this round, and Curran lands two push kicks as the round ends. 10-9 round for Sandro.

Round 2:

Sandro throws a front kick that misses, and Curran lands a leg kick. Fighters briefly exchange punches, and Curran lands a hard jab after the exchange. Curran lands an outside leg kick. Fighters exchange punches, and Sandro lands a hard jab and Curran lands an overhand right. Sandro lands another overhand right. Sandro lands a straight right and follows with a hard uppercut. Sandro throwing a lot of hard punches. Sandro lands a left hook, and fighters exchange again with Sandro landing the crisper strikes. Bloody is flowing from Curran’s right eye. Fighters clinch with Sandro’s back to the cage. They separate quickly. Sandro throws a three punch combination with the last uppercut landing. Sando starting to land more often when he throws. Curran throws a head kick that is partially blocked. Curran lands a hard kick to the body of Sandro. Sandro lands a hook to the body of Curran. Very good action this round. Curran unexpectedly lands a vicious right kick to the side of Sandro’s head and knocks him out. Wow, definitely highlight reel material. Pat Curran has earned the right to challenge Joe Warren for the featherweight title after an impressive knockout.

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