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“You Make Excuses Like A Little F—–g Girl.” Jose Benavidez Attacks Jermall Charlo For Reported Emotional Health Issues

Posted on 11/07/2023

By: Sean Crose

“I’m not going to do that much talking,” said Jose Benavidez in a virtual press conference to promote his November 25th fight against Jermall Charlo. “This guy over here can talk and say all kinds of bullshit and little mental issue bullshit.” For those who don’t know, the “guy” Benavidez referred to was WBC middleweight champion Charlo. Yes, Benavidez attacked Charlo for Charlo’s reputed emotional health issues. “I got shot,” Benavidez’ continued, “and the doctor told me I was never going to walk again and I’m still here fighting so I don’t play none of them excuses bullshit. Come that night I’m going to beat the fuck out of him and he’s going to see what a real fucking puncher is.”

Benavidez, whose brother David is fighting Demetrius Andrade in the main event on the 25th, also jabbed at the 163 pound catchweight for the fight. “It’s at 163,” he says, “because this guy (Charlo) had to make up excuses that he couldn’t make the weight. He was going through some hard times I guess, so he can’t make the weight…boy’s not disciplined.” For his own part, Charlo appeared unfazed. “I got nothing bad to say about you,” he told Benavidez. “You’ll see when we get in there…keep running your mouth, mister. You’ll see when we get in there.”

Charlo hasn’t fought in two years, but the undefeated titlist came across as relaxed and confident on Tuesday. “You need to fight me,” he told Benavidez. “I don’t need to fight you…keep that same energy big guy, you’ll see.” He then went on to indicate to Benavidez that he wouldn’t be bullied. “I ain’t one of those fighters you’re going to try to choke at the weigh ins,” he said. Charlo then went on to dismiss Benavidez’ aggressive talk. “You need to be thankful,” he said. “You just all talk.” Not that Benavidez was dissuaded. “You make excuses like a little fucking girl,” he said to Charlo.

Much – perhaps all – of this might have been pre fight hype, though emotional challenges are most certainly a problem in today’s society and shouldn’t be taken lightly. With that being said, perhaps the biggest question walking in to the Charlo-Benavidez bout will be how good Charlo looks. There was talk that he would fight Canelo Alvarez, but it was his brother who got to fight boxing’s biggest star instead. Charlo still may have a chance to square off against Canelo, however, provided he looks good on the 25th. And that’s largely up to him. And, of course, Benavidez.

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