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WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman Gives His Take on Wilder vs Fury 2 on Boxing Insider Radio

The words “big fight” is a cliche often used too much in the sport of boxing. More times than not, what many consider a “big fight,” is merely another day at the office. 

What exactly qualifies a boxing match as a can’t miss, must see contest? Is it the names that are associated with the event? 

Yes. If you are an unknown commodity, then not many would clamor at the notion to watch you step foot inside of the ring.

How about your ring dominance? That’s a good one. If a fighter has lost just about every contest that they have ever been in, then why exactly would there be a buzz surrounding him or her? There wouldn’t be. 

What about their personalities? Again, that’s important as well. Having the sort of charm and charisma that will bring viewers to the actual fight and to the television screens is another important factor. 

Everything that was previously mentioned are important ingredients that will ultimately lead to a big fight. But none of them can stand alone. 

Charisma, star power and undeniable skill will lead to one thing and one thing only. A big fight. 

WBC Heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder and Lineal champion Tyson Fury, just so happen to share all of those qualities. 

When the two larger than life Heavyweight champions crossed paths on December 1st, 2018, they gave the fans the sort of performance that they won’t soon forget. From the moment that contest ended, it was considered an instant classic. 

With two knockdowns, coupled with plenty of ebbs and flows throughout the match, and it was easy to see why. 

Twelve rounds are usually more than enough for a pair of fighters to prove to the world who is the better fighter, but not for these two. 

On February 22nd, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, they’ll get the chance to put an end to their rivalry once and for all. 

Both Wilder and Fury aren’t just fighting for the chance to call themselves the best Heavyweight fighter in the world, but they will also be battling it out for Wilder’s WBC title as well. 

Sitting front row in attendance on the night will be none other than the president of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaiman. 

With so many other obligations to take care of on a daily basis, Sulaiman took some time out to sit down and discuss this huge event with the cast at Boxing Insider Radio.

To many, Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury represents a great match. While this is certainly the case, it actually represents something much more than just a boxing contest. 

“I believe it is a tribute to boxing,” said Mauricio Sulaiman on Boxing Insider Radio. “It is a massive event.”

Massive events have become something that both Wilder and Sulaiman are accustomed to. For the past five years Wilder has worn his green WBC belt with pride. In the process of owning that belt, Wilder has taken on the highest ranked foes associated with the WBC sanctioning body. 

Although Wilder boasts a perfect record through 43 career fights, he has found himself in a few close calls. Whenever a fighter scrapes by with a disputed win that could have gone in either direction, that aforementioned fighter would more times than not, elects to move on and go in a different direction as opposed to simply having a second go at it. An immediate overcast hangs over their career as both his peers and the fans question the legitimacy of that fighters win. 

In the case of Deontay Wilder, he has taken on the cloudy days that are associated with the close contests he has had in his career, and he has shined bright every single time. 

“We have to recognize Wilder for taking on the rematch with Fury because it was the most difficult fight of his career. He could have gone in a different way but he has decided to do this fight once again. Every time he has had shadows over his career in terms of close fights, he has silenced his doubters. In his previous contest he gave a rematch to Luis Ortiz who had him hurt in the first contest. Now, he is giving the rematch to Fury and it is going to be a tremendous fight.”

It isn’t surprising to hear Sulaiman sing the praises of one of his champions. For half a decade, Wilder has managed to push back challenger after challenger. And in the process of doing so, Sulaiman has gotten an up close and personal chance to witness the evolution of Wilder over the years.  

“Wilder has grown into a powerful fighter. He is without a doubt regarded as the greatest Heavyweight at the moment.”

Some may not agree with that statement but with a win come Saturday night, Wilder will officially pass the late great Muhammad Ali to move into sole possession of the fourth spot on the all-time Heavyweight list in terms of the most title defenses. 

With much of the fans and media split down the middle with regard to who they believe will win the contest, count Sulaiman amongst those who has no idea as to who is going to win. The WBC president may not be able to give you a straight answer for his prediction, but he fully understands where the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters lie.

“I believe Wilder has the power and the confidence that could bring him an advantage. However, those same strengths could be a threat to him because he is too confident in landing one punch. If that one punch does not land and the fight grows old, Wilder could be facing a very difficult position.”

Not many will disagree with the words spewed by Sulaiman. Wilder and Fury are on two different levels in terms of boxing ability. If he can simply find a way to stay upright, then the contest is how. With that being said, no one else has. 

Hell, even Fury found himself down on the canvas not once, but twice.

Naming yourself 

With all due respect to unified Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, many believe that the winner of this contest should be considered the best Heavyweight in the world. 

So which side will you choose? The knockout power of Deontay Wilder or the unmatched boxing abilities of Tyson Fury? 

At this point, it doesn’t quite matter. Both men can make a clear cut case as to why they will get their hand raised this Saturday night. But no one wants to hear it. With the first fight producing such great results. The entire sports world just wants to see them do it again.

“This will be a fight that the public will enjoy, and remember for years to come.”

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