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UFC 172 Results: Jon Jones Beats Glover Teixeira to Remain light heavyweight Champ

UFC 172 Results: Jon Jones Beats Glover Teixeira to Remain light heavyweight Champ

By Jaime C. Feal

Jon Jones decided to stand and trade with Glover Teixeira, even in close quarters, and beat the challenger at his own game. Jones dominated the fight, and earned a clear decision victory after battering Teixeira for the full 5 rounds. In the co-main event, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson made a triumphant and impressive return to the UFC, completely dominating Phil Davis. With the win, Johnson is poised to rocket up the light heavyweight rankings. Starting off the main card, Max Holloway overcame a shaky start and turned it on in the 3rd round to stop Andre Fili in a featherweight battle between two of the youngest fighters on the UFC roster. Next up, veteran Jim Miller put Yancy Medeiros to sleep with a 1st round guillotine, earning a key win in the lightweight division. After the victory, Miller called out all the top 5 lightweights, pleading for a big fight.

Middleweight Division (185 lbs.):

Luke Rockhold (11-2, 1-1 UFC) vs. Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch (17-6, 8-5 UFC)

Round 1:

Boetsch goes for a takedown but Rockhold defends beautifully. Rockhold working on a triangle from the bottom. Rockhold has it locked up at a crazy angle, on top of him now. Boetsch is surviving, looks like he can breathe and has space. Rockhold now working on a kimura instead. Rockhold adjusting the position, working to get the arm behind Boetsch’s back, now he has it. Boetsch is grimacing, Rockhold is cranking, and “The Barbarian” is forced to tap.

Luke Rockhold wins by submission (kimura) at 2:08 of Round 1.

Light Heavyweight Division (205 lbs.):

Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis (12-1, 8-1 UFC) vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson (16-4, 7-4 UFC)

Round 1:

Johnson pushing forward, Davis backpedaling. The fighters briefly come together, then separate. Nice uppercut by Johnson, then shrugs off a Davis takedown attempt. Good inside leg kick from “Mr. Wonderful,” and a hard outside leg kick in response by Johnson. Failed superman punch from Davis, another nice uppercut from Johnson. Davis looking worried, getting tagged by these uppercuts now. Davis in the corner, Johnson unloading on him, working him with heavy punches as he drops to the canvas. Davis gets back to his feet but is the worse for wear, his eye looks horrible. Hard outside leg kick from Johnson, he looks like a killer right now, stalking Davis as “Mr. Wonderful” takes a peek at the clock with one minute to go. Big right hand again from Johnson, then a hard jab. 10-9 round for Johnson

Round 2:
Johnson again moving forward, Davis with an inside leg kick. Davis misses with a one-two. Johnson throws a head kick, but Davis blocks it. Another hard uppercut lands for “Rumble.” This round is being dominated by Johnson’s standup, Davis looks rattled, misses with an uppercut. Heavy counter uppercut lands for Johnson again, now a straight right. Rumble looking to turn up the pace with a minute left. Excellent sprawl from Johnson on a Davis takedown attempt. 10-9 round for Johnson

Round 3:

Good jabs from Johnson, then a right hook. Big knee and right hook from Rumble. Head kick thrown from Davis, but Johnson blocks it. Davis gets double unders, but Johnson able to get out. Big right hand on the break from Rumble. Vicious outside leg kick and follow up punch from Johnson. Good body kick from Rumble, two minutes left. Johnson throws Davis off on a takedown attempt. Davis looking for a single leg attempt on the cage, but Johnson is too heavy on him, and defends. Good jab from Davis. Rumble shoots for a takedown, Davis working on a kimura, round ends. 10-9 round for Johnson.

All three judges score the fight 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (205 lbs.):

Jon “Bones” Jones (19-1, 13-1 UFC) vs. Glover Teixeira (22-2, 5-0 UFC)

Round 1:

Left body kick from Jones. Good straight right from Glover, knee in response from Jones. Glover stuffs a Jones’ takedown attempt. Good right hand from Teixeira. The fighters tie up on the cage, then break. Glover lands two hooks and hard body kick. Nice left hook from Jones. Nice head kick from Bones. Jab from Glover, then looking to land a bomb, but Jones ducks under. Nice left hook from Bones Jones. Nice takedown by Jones, but Glover gets up immediately. Good straight left from Jones. Glover going back to the hooks, and one does get through. Two solid jabs from the champion. Nice spinning back kick to the body from Jones. Axe kick from Jones as the round expires. Tough round to call. 10-9 round for Jones.

Round 2:

Jabs from Glover to start, Jones gets denied on a takedown attempt. Impressive takedown defense thus far from the challenger. Inside leg kick from Jones. Good straight left from Jones, Glover smiles at him. Same punch lands again for Bones. Axe kick from Bones misses this time. Inside leg kick, then a hard elbow lands for Jones. Blatant eye poke from Jones, and the ref catches it and gives a stern warning to the champion while breaking the fight. The fight resumes, and Glover partially lands a right. Nice jab from Jones. Hard hooks land for Glover, has Jones on the cage and scores nicely. Good head kick from Jones. Good uppercut from Glover. Nice left elbows from Jones, then a nice left hook. Spinning back kick, elbow strike, shoulder strike combo from Jones. Trying to steal the round here, even round again. Body kick from Teixeira. 10-9 round for Jones.

Round 3:

Overhand right from Glover is blocked. Jones throwing lots of jabs, but missing. Good straight right to the body from Glover. Nice punches in response from Jones, then a solid knee to the body. The fighters trade, both land well. Jones connects s with a hard uppercut. Jones has Glover clinched up on the fences. Good right uppercut from Glover. Jones got hurt by one of the uppercuts, backs away. Another left uppercut lands well for Glover. Jones for some reason is trying to fight in close quarters with Glover. Jones landing nice short elbows, but taking risks. Glover is cut from the elbows. Jones is winning this clinch war, but you have to question his strategy. Knee from Jones, then a nasty left hook. Glover is busted up now. Nasty body kick from the champion, then a right uppercut. Jones is teeing off on Glover now. Counter uppercut and hook from Glover. 10-9 round for Jones.

Round 4:

Neither fighter lands much for the first half minutes, then Jones with a left hand. Glover connects with a counter uppercut, the punch feels dangerous, but Jones taking it well. Glover looks for a single leg, shut down. Jones clinched up, nice short elbow and knee. Jones imposing his will on Teixeira. The fighters trade jabs. Nice body kicks from Jones. Inside leg kick now from the champion. Nice elbows, kicks and then an uppercut from Jones. No doubt who is winning this fight and controlling the standup. Spinning back elbow from Jones. Nice elbows again from Jones, and Glover is all cut up with 30 seconds left in the round. Hard short elbow and knee from Jones, Glover spins away. Jones gets a takedown and lands a few punches at the end of the frame. 10-9 round for Jones.

Round 5:

Good jab from Jones, then a takedown. Glover gets back up, Jones working on a choke, bails on it. Jones clinches with Glover on the cage. Nice right uppercut from Glover, Jones briefly backs away, then comes back with more firepower. The fighters trade heavily on the cage, and Teixeira gets rocked and loses his mouthpiece once again, and is warned not to spit it out. Nice left hook from Jones, then a good right counter from Teixeira. Good right hand by Jones. Big right uppercut from Glover. That has Jones leaning on him and taking a breather. Now Jones goes back to the elbow attack with two minutes left. Glover looks wobbly, and is definitely all busted up. Jab from Jones, and some leg kicks. Nice uppercut from Glover. Spinning back elbow misses for Jones, then he dances away from Glover for the rest of the round. 10-9 round for Jones.

All three judges score the fight 50-45 for the winner by unanimous decision, and still the UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon “Bones” Jones.

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