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Tyson Fury Indicates He’s Willing To Train Anthony Joshua: “Then He Will Get A Win”

By: Sean Crose

Siting in a barber’s chair, heavyweight titlist Tyson Fury took part in a video interview released Tuesday on Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions site. Frank Warren himself, one of Fury’s promoters, was in on the chat. Fury’s future plans were brought up – as was Anthony Joshua, who is going to try to win back his own heavyweight titles from Oleksandr Usyk in a bout that will likely go down this summer.

The man known as the Gypsy King doesn’t think noted trainer Robert Garcia, who Joshua has teamed up with, will do his fellow Englishman Joshua any good. “Unless Anthony Joshua gets his ass up to Morcum and lets me train him for this fight,” Fury said, “Robert Garcia and ten men like him will not make him beat Usyk because, one they don’t know him, two they don’t know what he’s got in his engine and, three he’s not a little Mexican who can go toe to toe with someone for fifteen rounds.”

Fury went on to predict bad things for Joshua, should the man decide to get aggressive with Usyk in their rematch. “If he gets on Usyk from round one and tries to push and be aggressive,” said Fury of Joshua, “he’ll be gassed off for four rounds, start hanging after five, six, and get stopped in seven…but is he comes to Morcum Bay and I teach him how to be a real fighting man for twelve rounds and how to deal with these little middleweight people then he will get a win, but other than that I see him getting beat again, two in a row baby, and then its over.”

Usyk simply outskilled Joshua during their first match last fall. Fury was asked if he thought the Ukrainian might actually knock Joshua out this time. “It all goes on what Robert Garcia’s game plan is,” Fury responded, “how quick he wants him to get chinned. Because what it is…to have a style of keep coming forward and putting pressure on somebody when you’re a big man, like he (Joshua) is and like I am, you need to have two V12 engines and you need to be able to take punches as well, and you need to have balls like King Kong. He doesn’t have the best engine in the world, he doesn’t have toughness, and he doesn’t have balls like King Kong.” In other words, Fury give Joshua no chance at all in the rematch – unless Joshua decides to team up with Fury.

Having declared he was retired after beating Dillian White earlier in the spring, Fury was asked about his own plans. “Me and Frank have got something coming,” he said, “something to get really excited about. But it doesn’t involve Usyk or Joshua at this moment.” Fury even indicated, intentionally or not, that even he’s not so sure he wants to stay retired. “I will make a decision in all this,” he said.

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