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Timothy Bradley Says Manny Pacquiao is “Scared” of a Rematch

Posted on 08/16/2012

by Johnny Walker

WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley say he’s tired of waiting for Manny Pacquiao, who he defeated by split decision back in June, to decide if he wants a rematch.

Bradley had to endure the world-wide media controversy–promoter Bob Arum even declared that he would “never get over” the decision–that ensued when he defeated the Filipino superstar, and he is now aching to show the world that he is the better fighter.

Bradley wants to do this again (PHOTO: Chris Farina, Top Rank)

And Bradley is worried that Pacquaio may choose to fight Floyd Mayweather next year instead of taking him on in a rematch this fall. He feels that Pacquaio may not want to risk another loss to him, which would put the mega-lucrative Mayweather match in jeopardy.

And if that isn’t enough, both Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez are also hovering in the wings, looking for another date with the Pac-man.

This scenario has left Bradley frustrated and angry, while waiting for word on what Pacquiao’s future plans are.

“To be honest with you, I think a lot of people on that side are scared,” Bradley told The Desert Sun this week.

Bradley badly injured both ankles and feet in the first fight, but otherwise emerged remarkably unscathed against the man whose punches eventually ended Antonio Margarito’s career.

“He couldn’t knock me out with two peg legs,” Bradley taunts.

“Me healthy, I’m going to beat him worse.”

“If Manny wants to do it, let’s do it. It’s been a circus around here. I’ve been sitting around here waiting. I want the fight, but he hasn’t decided yet.”

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