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Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna & Ray “Tito” Serrano Win in AC

Posted on 11/19/2017

By: Ken Hissner

Rising Star Promotions, Winner Take All Promotions and Greg Cohen Promotions brought boxing back to the Claridge Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, Saturday night with an 8 bout event.

In the final bout of the night Welterweight Ray Serrano, 24-4 (10), of Philadelphia, won by DQ over Enver Halili, 10-1 (3), of Kosovo and the Bronx, NY, at 1:34 of the eighth and final round for the WBC FECARBOX title.

In the two rounds Serrano took the first with an effective jab and a right cross that knocked out the mouthpiece of Halili who took the second with good body work. In the third a Serrano left hook knocked out the mouthpiece of Halili for a second time. Halili took the round pressing Serrano. In the fourth round Serrano knocked out the Halili mouthpiece for the third time.

In the fifth round Serrano took the round with right hand head shots off of his jab. In the sixth round referee Eric Dali took a point away from Halili when Serrano knocked it out for the fourth time. In the seventh round referee Dali took away a second point for Serrano landed a lead right to the chin knocking out Halili’s mouthpiece for a fifth time. In the eighth and final round a chopping right by Serrano to the chin of Halili knocked out his mouthpiece for a sixth time halting the action by referee Dali DQ’ing Halili. Serrano was ahead on all scorecards by one point when the bout was stopped.

Welterweight Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna, 25-2 (9), of Millville, NJ, dominated every round over a defensive minded Samuel Amoako, 23-17 (17), of Accra, GH, to win the LBF Intercontinental title over 10 rounds.

LaManna controlled each round with an effective jab chasing Amoako for the entire fight hurting him whenever he got him on the ropes which was often. Each round was almost identical to the round before it. Raul “Chino” Rivas was head trainer of LaManna.

All 3 judges Lindsay Page, Ron McNair and Mark Constatino and this writer had it 100-90. Eric Dali was the referee.

Bantamweight Jorge “King” Diaz, 19-5-1 (10), of New Brunswick, NJ, won the WBC Fecarbox title from champion Adam “Mantequilla” Lopez, 16-2-2 (8), of San Antonio, TX, on a disputed 8 round decision.

In the first round there wasn’t much action but Lopez seemed to have an edge with Diaz doing quite a bit of holding. In the second round a Lopez glancing right hand followed by a left hook to the chin of Diaz dropped him. Referee Bashir administered the 8 count.

In the third round Diaz did better coming back from a previous knockdown round but not good enough to win the round. In the fourth round Diaz started out well landing a 3-punch combination on Lopez. Just prior to the end of the round a Lopez left hook to the chin of Diaz almost dropped him but for the ropes.

In the fifth round it was a lot of clinching that referee Bashir had to separate. Lopez had the better of the two but not by much. In the sixth round Diaz forced the action landing a right to the chin of Lopez who countered with a combination to the head of Diaz.

In the seventh round both fighters mixed it well with Diaz showing a mouse under his right eye. Diaz landed a triple left hook to the body of Lopez. It was a close round. In the eighth and final round Diaz landed several right hands to the chin of Lopez. Diaz had his best round of the fight out working Lopez.

All 3 Judge’s had it 76-75 for the Diaz while this writer had it 78-73 for Lopez.

Welterweight Yurik “Don’t Be Sorry Be Careful” Mamedov, 8-0 (3), Russia, France and Brooklyn, NY, defeated southpaw Vincent “Hack Em Jack Em” Floyd, 3-4-1 (2), of Philadelphia, over 6 rounds.

In the first round Mamedov came in head low swarming Floyd who countered with a right hook to the chin while on the ropes. Mamedov continued to push Floyd to the ropes not allowing him much punching room. In the second round Mamedov is using uppercuts with both hands while inside of Floyd. Floyd spun off the ropes and landed several unanswered punches to the head of Mamedov. In the third round Floyd kept this round in the middle of the ring keeping off the ropes countering well.

In the fourth round Mamedov regaining control of the fight pressuring Floyd to the ropes. In the fifth round with Mamedov’s head on the chest of Floyd he gave him no punching room. In the sixth and final round referee Franciosi warned Mamedov to keep his punches up. He continued bullying Floyd to the ropes with his head and forearms. Floyd had little left by the end of the fight but fought the best he could under the conditions.

Judge Weisfeld had it 60-54 while judges McNair and Constatino had it 59-55 as did this writer.

In the opening bout cruiserweight southpaw Frederic Julan, 7-0 (5), of New York, stopped Willis “The Prophet” Lockett, 15-22-6 (5), of Takoma, MD, at the end of the fifth of a six rounder.

In the first round Julan is using a jab followed by a straight left to the head of Lockett. Lockett is on the defense for Julan is to fast a foot and hands. In the second round Julan continued to out box Lockett until halfway thru the round when Lockett landed a left hook to the head of Julan. Julan went back to boxing and landed his straight left until Locket landed an overhand right to the head of Julan.

In the third round a lead left from Julan to the head knocked Lockett back several steps. Julan controlled the round. In the fourth round Julan continued to out work Locket but can’t seem to hurt him.

In the fifth round Julan drove Lockett into the ropes with a flurry of punches. Julan finally went to the body of Lockett with a lead left to the mid-section. Lockett countered Julan with a counter right to the head. Lockett walked right into a short left to the head from Julan but countered with a right to the mid-section of Julan.

Lockett’s corner wouldn’t allow their fighter to come out for the sixth and final round. Referee was Ron Bashir.

Lightweight Sidell Blocker, 1-10-1 (0), of Pleasantville, NJ, lost a decision to Tomas Romain, 5-1 (0), of Brooklyn, NY, over 6 rounds.

In the first round Romain landed a solid combination to the head of Blocker who had been boxing well from the start of the round. Romain ended the round with a solid left hook to the body of Blocker. In the second round Romain landed a good left hook to the head of Blocker who countered with a right to the head of Romain. In the third round Romain used a jab followed by a left hook while Blocker countered with right hands. Romain did good body work in the round.

In the fourth round Romain had a big round scoring well to body and head of Blocker who was on the defense the entire round. In the fifth round Blocker looks tired with Romain working the body well with left hooks. Just prior to the end of the round Blocker landed his best punch of the round, a right to the head of Romain. In the sixth and final round it was all Romain until the final minute when Blocker

Judge’s McNair scored it 59-55, Constatino and Weisfeld had it 60-54 as did this writer. Dave Franciosi was the referee.

Cruiserweight Alvin ”Iron Majik” Varmall, Jr., 14-0-1 (12), of LaPlace, LA, knocked out Nicholas Lavin, 5-7 (4), of Shelton, CT, in the first of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round Varmall charged out of the corner like a raging bull landing punch after punch “Tyson Style” keeping Lavin on the defense until a right uppercut dropped Lavin to his knees for the count of referee Dave Franciosi.

Welterweight southpaw Jonathan “Pretty Jon” Arroyo, 1-0 (0), of NY, NY, came off the canvas in the fourth round but came back to defeat Steve Moore, 0-2 (0), of Orange, NJ, over 4 rounds.

In the first round Arroyo landed several lead left hands to the head of Moore. In the second round a left hand from Arroyo to the head of Moore rocked him. Just prior to the bell Arroyo landed a combination to the head of Moore driving him into the ropes.

In the third round Moore landed a right to the chin of Arroyo driving him back several steps. Arroyo was landing enough punches Moore looked like he was spent. In the fourth and final round Arroyo drove Moore halfway across the ring with a left to the head. A wild right from Moore to the chin of Arroyo made his gloves touched the canvas that referee Bashir ruled a knockdown. Moore became the aggressor for the first time in the fight and was all over Arroyo when the round ended.

Mark Constatino and Ron McNair scored 39-37 while Steve Weisfeld had it 39-36. This writer had it 38-37. The referee was Ronald Bashir.

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