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Shane Mosely: “I Would Love To Rematch Cotto”

Posted on 09/15/2015

By Sean Crose

Shane Mosely is generous with his time. After realizing we would be unable to speak on the phone Tuesday, the man took the time to text me details about a variety of subjects – ranging from the past, to the present, to the future.

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He appeared genuinely excited about what’s to come, Mosely did. And before he’s written off for coming back in his forties, remember that people laughed at George Foreman once, too.

“I’m working on a few scenarios,” he stated. “Maybe Ruslan, maybe Algieri, maybe angling for a Cotto rematch. We’ll see how it plays out.”

Indeed. Although many didn’t take Mosley’s latest pay per view endeavor too seriously, his second battle with Ricardo Mayorga was entertaining stuff, as some (myself included) indicated it might be. What’s more, the guy looked pretty good out there. While there’s no denying the man is past his prime – he’s 43, after all – Mosley’s dedication has to be respected.

And again, one never knows what the future holds. Besides, Mosley indicated that some of the sport’s bigger names aren’t exactly ignoring him. “Khan had agreed to fight in Dubai,” Mosley wrote, “but a week later backed out.”

No doubt that turned out to be a disappointment for the legendary fighter, but it appears that it’s lineal middleweight champ Miguel Cotto who is most on Mosley’s mind these days.

“I would love to rematch Cotto, though,” he claimed, “since I, like many others – and CompuBox stats – think I beat him. Lol.”

There’s no doubt about it, the Mosley-Cotto match back in 2007 was a close one. While it’s true Cotto walked away with a unanimous decision win, it was a thin one – and in Cotto’s adopted home of Madison Square Garden, as well.

“He (Cotto) has limited opponent choices,” Mosley wrote, “since Al Haymon won’t let his fighters fight RocNation fighters (Cotto is with RocNation). I’m a big name and it would be a good fight.” I agreed it would be a good fight. It would most certainly deliver in the action department.

Still, the concern is that Mosely may be too far past his prime at this point for his own good. It’s hard to tell from the Mayorga fight, frankly. What’s more, Mosley looked far from good when he lost to Anthony Mundine in 2013.

Still, Cotto was relegated to the rank of “has been” before he teamed up with Freddie Roach, and no one’s calling him a has-been now. What’s worth keeping in mind at this point, however, is that fighter safety is imperative. Boxing just lost another man when Australian Dave Brown Jr passed away tragically this week. No one wants to see stuff like that happen – most especially when it could be prevented.

That being said, if Mosely checks out as clean and healthy, if he shows he’s in no more serious danger of being severely damaged than the next man, then he should be allowed to continue. Who knows? Maybe boxing will be in for it’s next major second act. Again, seeing Cotto facing off again against a competitive Mosely would be fun.

As Mosley himself stated, it “would be a great fight.”

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