Open Letter from Marco Antonio Veneno Rubio to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.


Julio César Chavez, Jr., felicidades on your recent victory over Sebastian Szbik. It was impressive to see you battle it out for a full twelve rounds. You are on your way to becoming more than just your father’s son. You are your own man; a tough fighter in your own right.

Now let’s get down to business.

Right after your fight with Szbik, I began to receive messages and comments from different people in the fight business saying that “Team Chavez” will do everything possible to avoid fighting me—the WBC’s #1 ranked mandatory challenger.

Julio, dime que no es cierto, y si es cierto, dime que tú no estás de acuerdo.* Your father, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. is considered the greatest fighter In Mexican history. He became great and beloved by all of Mexico because he was fearless and never avoided fighting anyone who was a mandatory challenger. He backed away from no one.

Now, you are ” El Cesar; El Campeón”. As a fellow Mexicano, I ask you just one question, is it true, are you really trying to avoid me? I am as proud of being a Mexicano as you are. I am your mandatory challenger. I have earned the right to challenge you in the ring where I have no doubt, no matter what happens, you and I will put on the kind of fight that will make all of Mexico proud.

Julio, contact me personally or my team at 213-533-0022 and let me know that you and I will fight as soon as possible; let the boxing world know that you are much more than just your father’s son. Let them know that you will keep your father’s legacy alive. Let them know that you are a true and fearless Mexican Champion.

Let’s fight.


Marco Antonio Veneno Rubio

*Julio, tell me that’s not true, and if it is, tell me you’re not in agreement with this.

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