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Mayweather Thoroughly Dominates Moore In Exhibition Bout

Posted on 05/21/2022

By: Sean Crose

Let’s face it, no one really expected Don Moore to do all that well against Floyd Mayweather when the two men stepped into the ring to square off Saturday in Abu Dhabi. Although it was an exhibition bout, Mayweather dominated in all eight of the two minute rounds. While visibly older and slower than he was when he dominated the sport of boxing, the bearded Mayweather was calm and cool in the first. Mayweather then backed his man up in the second. By the end of the chapter, Mayweather took to horsing around, as Moore clearly had nothing to offer.

Photo: The Mirror

By the third, Mayweather was reminding the world of just how good a fighter he was, for there was still a bit of the old spark, still a bit of that famous relaxed, dominant style. Mayweather pursued his man while holding a high guard in the fourth. Soon enough he was literally roughing his man up. The fluid Mayweather continued to outclass Moore in the sixth. In between rounds Mayweather literally took the card from one of the ring card girls and strutted about with it.

Poor Moore tried to become aggressive in the seventh, but ended up landing on nothing but arms and gloves. Mayweather could have finished the fight whenever he wanted. The former pound for pound great actually dropped Moore in the eighth. Moore beat the count but essentially played the role of punching bag for the rest of the fight.

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