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Floyd Mayweather Summoned By Nevada State Athletic Commission

By Sean Crose

“The point of asking him to come to the meeting is not to accuse anyone of anything. We want to get a clarification about what happened.”

So ESPN boxing scribe Dan Rafael has quoted Francisco Aguilar in an article which claims the Nevada State Athletic Commission has ordered Floyd Mayweather to appear before its commission on Tuesday. Aguilar is the Commission’s Chairman, and he’s apparently concerned over a segment which appeared on Showtime’s “All Access” program.

For those who haven’t seen the segment, fighters are shown giving each other a real, old school, world class beatdown in a ring at Mayweather’s gym in Vegas. First, Sharif Rahman gets thoroughly thrashed by Donovan Cameron. Then, Hasim Rahman Jr gives Cameron a thrashing of his own – during a nonstop half hour “sparring session.”

All that’s needed to complete the picture of illegal fisticuffs, really, is the absence of gloves and the presence of John L Sullivan. It’s that down and dirty. It really is. Mayweather and his followers, for the record, are seen during the segment cheering throughout the entire affair.

“I was watching the part with the sparring sessions,” Rafael quotes Aguilar as saying. “Our main concern is the health and safety of the fighters and not just on fight night, but also in sparring and in training.”

Could Mayweather be in some trouble here? According to Rafael’s piece, Money’s new role as Nevada Promoter will subsequently mean he’s eyed more carefully by authorities. In other words, this sort of thing comes with Mayweather’s latest job title.

Whether this matter is par for the course in Nevada or not, there’s little doubting that this has been a turbulent time for the pound for pound king. While it’s true he defeated Marcos Madiana with ease in their Saturday night rematch, Mayweather’s found himself under intense pressure outside the ring recently.

His ex-fiancé has sued him for being an abusive brute, 50 Cent made the world question his literacy skills, he took heat for comments he made regarding the Ray Rice nightmare, and now this. Mayweather probably wants this latest attention about as much as he’s wanted to get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

Yet the hits seem to keep on coming (no pun intended). Aguilar also informed Rafael in the article that some members of the NCAS were upset by another segment of “All Access” which showed some Mayweather companions apparently smoking pot.

Aguilar admits in the article, however, that the marijuana segment is “a minor issue compared to the sparring situation.” Indeed, it’s the “sparring situation” which could lead to Mayweather finding himself in a bind. “There could be a disciplinary action,” Aguilar states in the Rafael piece. What that “disciplinary action” could be is unknown.

This is nothing if not a time of flux for Mayweather. Not only is he wearing a promoter’s hat, he’s being challenged for his pay per view throne by Canelo Alvarez, a fighter who he easily beat, but who might cultivate a larger fan base, regardless. Mayweather may also be in the process of dissolving his team or watching it fall apart, depending on one’s opinion.

First, Mayweather made it perfectly clear that he and his longtime sidekick, Leonard Ellerbe, were having a major falling out. Then word came that Mayweather’s longtime cut man, Rafael Garcia, has announced his retirement.

One thing is certain regarding Mayweather during this chaotic time – his world is changing. Whether it’s changing for better or for worse remains to be seen. The man can clearly avoid damage in the ring. Will he be able to avoid damage outside of it?

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