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Mia St. John

Posted on 01/06/2011

First boxing memory: Getting my ass kicked in sparring in 1996.

Boxing inspirations: Oscar De La Hoya, because he is such a smart business man and has a good heart. Not to mention, style, class and good looks!

Last book read: Reading “Salvador” by Joan Didion. It’s about the civil war in El Salvador in 1982. I hate war, but I have always been fascinated by the politics of war.

First job: Picking strawberries in the fields at 11 years old. It was actually pretty fun, but I knew then I wanted something more out of life.

Current car: Mercedes CLK.

First car: Toyota pick up.

Strangest Fight/Opponent: “…This girl was a nut!¬†She kept taunting me in the ring saying, ‘C’mon bitch! knockout me out bitch!’ Then she’d turn and say, ‘Damn you’re hot [laughs]!'”

Favorite movies: Rocky’s 1, 2, 3, 6, An American Me, Gone With The Wind, Born on the 4th of July.

Greatest boxing moment: All the fights I opened for Oscar De La Hoya.

Most painful boxing moment: The day my trainer Art Lovett died and losing to Brook Dierdorff, twice.

Favorite boxers to watch: All the females of boxing.

Funny boxing memory: Fredia Gibbs, best female fighter ever, we were so crazy, the things we did in boxing… I’ll never tell [smiles].

Embarrassing boxing memory: Peeing in the ring.

Hardest puncher encountered: A girl I easily beat because her skill wasn’t very good, but she hit so hard it felt like I was getting hit by a steel pipe. I still have brain damage from her. I will never reveal her name [smiles].

Toughest opponent: Jessica Rackozy. I thanked God for every round I made it out alive.

Childhood dream(s): To be Rocky Balboa, to live that life.

Strangest fight/opponent: My last fight! I didn’t know if she wanted to kill me or have sex with me. It was very strange.

Favorite meal: After the weigh in! Cheeseburger, fries, Coke and chocolate cake with ice cream.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate/peanut butter.

People qualities most admired: Charitable, love for humanity, love for learning about the world and one’s own self.

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