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Biofile Get 2 Know Dyah Ali Davis

Status: Super middleweight boxer. His record is 18-2-1.

DOB: June 5, 1981 In: New York

First boxing memory: Would have to be my dad fighting in the late 80′s… I remember my mom informing me that he was fighting and seeing him on TV.

Boxing inspirations: The story on Muhammad Ali and how he dealt with the adversity of having his title stripped from him and not being allowed to fight for refusing to enlist in the draft for war and also dealing with race issues at the time when things were pretty bad for blacks.

Last book read: Hmmm, it’s been a while since I picked up a book, but the last magazine I picked up was the Forbes.

Favorite Movies: Is “Training Day.” I know some scenes line for line [laughs].

First job: When I was about 10 years old, I cleaned the office and bathroom for a lawyer in Long Island, New York for $10 bucks a week… I used that money to buy comic books and cards.

First car: Aww man, my mom stiffed me on my first car, I was hit by a car as a kid and wasn’t able to collect the money till I was 18. It wasn’t much but I believe the settlement was four grand, my mom, myself and my uncle went to a car auction and my mom saw a car that she liked which was a pinkish fuchsia colored 1993 Mercury Cougar. She said if I bought it she would give me her car which I liked very much – a 1996 Nissan Altima. Well, we purchased the car and it had some issues, so my moms changed her mind and I got stuck with the Cougar [smiles].

Current Car: Is a turbo charged PT Cruiser. I’m wanting the Dodge Challenger soon [smiles].

Favorite meal: Out of training – would be Domino’s new veggie pizza. I’m drooling now!

Favorite ice cream: French vanilla.Pre-fight feeling/mindset: Is on nothing else but winning, I stay pumped and charged by listening to the hardest working man in show business, James Brown. I love the song “Super Bad” because that’s how I feel about myself!

Greatest sports moment: Would be my comeback fight after my first loss, I think people may have written me off so to come back and score a KO via a body shot was exhilarating for me. (KO 4 Terrence Wilson.)

Most painful moment: Would definitely be my first loss (L MD Tyrone Watson in 2007), I believe I won the fight but the judges felt differently, couldn’t sleep for days and I’d wake up out of my sleep and go for late night runs to ease my mind.

First famous boxer you met: It was Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs, he’s a good friend and someone I still speak with today, he says I’m his favorite fighter.

Funny boxing memory: Hmm, okay, when I moved down to Florida in 2004 to start boxing, I hadn’t quite started training yet, let alone had learned anything about the sweet science other than watching Ali fights. One fight more than any was the one with Foreman. Anyway my dad had just finished training a heavyweight fighter named Chad Butler, who was recently murdered, but soon as he was done doing pad work with Chad I jumped in the ring and started shadow boxing and moving like what I thought was Ali [laughs]. At that moment my dad knew I was serious. After he stopped laughing he said we start tomorrow.

Strangest opponent: Would have had to be Osamanu Adama, he was very awkward and threw punches from all angles.

Favorite fighters to watch: Muhammad Ali, Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather, my pops and Sugar Ray Leonard.

People qualities most admired: My favorite quality any one person can have is honesty, there are very few honest people in boxing but when you do come across them there’s nothing like.

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