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Bernard Hopkins Attempts To Diminish The Klitschkos

Posted on 01/19/2011

Though Bernard Hopkins employs a cautious, technical style over often shorter opponents – similarly to the scientific Klitschkos – he is not a fan or admirer of the Klitschko brothers.

In an interview with Boxing News magazine based in London, Hopkins criticized the Klitschko brothers reign, which has been no less dominant or as exciting as his own middleweight achievements.

“Without Haye there ain’t nothing going on in the heavyweights,” claims Hopkins, who has not been immune to speaking a few ignorant comments throughout his controversial career. “The Klitschko brothers are dominating. It’s not fair and it’s not fun. But if he gets the chance, Haye will knock out both brothers. I’m not impressed with those guys. They’ve got the height and good records and a Hall of Fame trainer in Emanuel Steward. But, otherwise, they’re ordinary. They ain’t special. They’re just lucky.”

Considering his attitude towards Joe Calzaghe, one wouldn’t expect Hopkins to say positive things about two devastatingly dominant and destructive Eastern European brothers who have brutally beaten the tar out of the likes of Hasim Rahman, Calvin Brock, Lamon Brewster, Ray Austin, Chris Byrd, Eddie Chambers, Tony Thompson, Samuel Peter, Juan Carlos Gomez, Ruslan Chagaev, Shannon Briggs, Albert Sosnowski in recent years.

And of course, it’s predictable that Hopkins would take the back of David Haye rather than the Klitschkos in their ongoing heavyweight feud. “The younger one (Wladimir) would be real easy for Haye. But he’d run them both down and knock them both out.”

If only Haye and his manager possessed the same confidence of Bernard Hopkins, however illusory it may be, the biggest heavyweight fight that can be made would have been produced a long time ago.

It should be pointed out that a relevant factor in this Hopkins-Haye unity may be that both are involved with Golden Boy Promotions – Haye is promoted by and Hopkins is a shareholder of the company. And the two gladiators are on friendly terms. “I’m a big fan of David. We got to be friends when we were training in Miami a few years back. He has a lot going for him. He has the sound bites, he’s not a bad-looking guy and he can fight,” praised Hopkins.

Can we expect Hopkins to persuade Haye to step up? Could Hopkins pump Haye up with a pep talk and offer his own technical tips and tactical ideas on how to beat the Klitschkos?

Don’t count on it. Not as long as Haye keeps coming up with his silly excuses and reasons to repeatedly duck the challenges of both Wladimir and Vitali.

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