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As Stardom Eludes Him, Paul Williams Partially Blames Mayweather and Pacquiao

Posted on 09/23/2010

Paul “The Punisher” Williams is a ring veteran now. At 29-years-old, he has a superb record of 39-1 (27 KO’s) against the most formidable fighters in the welterweight, junior middleweight and middleweight divisions. But he is still not yet a marquee superstar, as his talent, courage and exciting fighting style clearly warrant.

The primary reason is that the biggest stars in the sport – Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto – seem to have no interest to even consider fighting him.

In his own words, Williams explained his reality at Thursday’s New York City press conference for his upcoming November 20 Atlantic City, NJ rematch with the dangerous Sergio Martinez (45-2-2 (24 KO’s), who dominated former undisputed champion Kelly Pavlik in April…

Paul Williams on Mayweather, Pacquiao and relentlessly pursuing that elusive Superfight…

“I don’t think Floyd Mayweather will fight me anytime. Manny Pacquiao, he might do it, he might step up but not Floyd.”
“I was in the barbershop in D.C. the other day and the guys were talking about (a potential Williams-Mayweather fight). They respect Floyd’s skills like I do, but they were saying they know he won’t ever fight me.”

“If Floyd went to (mutual advisor) Al (Haymon) and said, ‘Hey, I want to fight Paul Williams, what can Al do? But Floyd is not going to ever say that. Pacquiao – he fights bigger guys – he’s different than Mayweather – so maybe I will get to fight him.”

“I can make 147 for Floyd or for Manny if I have to and I would. But this isn’t like baseball or football where the best teams are mandated to play each other. In boxing, these guys don’t want to give me the shot.”

“If the fans demand it, then HBO will hear them. Maybe HBO can make the top guys fight me. If it’s demanded by the public, then maybe. But, when these guys fight and then take the microphone after they fight, who do they mention? You never hear them say my name, do you?”

“Floyd ranks himself with Ray Robinson, with Joe Louis, all these guys (Ali, Leonard, etc) …but all those great guys, they all lost some time. Mayweather won’t take a hard fight, he won’t take the chance of losing.”

“I’d like to be the best welterweight and the best middleweight. I’d like to be up there with Ray Leonard, with Tommy Hearns. But I can’t get there if I don’t get the opportunity.”

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