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50 Cent Ditches Floyd Mayweather To Team Up With Manny Pacquiao

Posted on 09/13/2012

by Johnny Walker

The fall-out from the acrimony that has developed between pound-for-pound boxing king Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and superstar rapper 50 Cent continues.

The first hints of the problems between the two men–who only recently entered into a boxing promotions agreement as TMT (The Money Team)–came when 50, aka Curtis Jackson, gave a radio interview hinting at changes in Mayweather’s personality since he emerged from a jail sentence for domestic assault.

“He has .. there’s a different side of Floyd coming out of the pen, that’s all,” said 50.

“It really comes from him … everybody around Floyd is waiting on the next time he feels generous.

“And I have a lot, so I don’t wait for nobody.”

50 Cent to hook up with the Pac Man?

Then came the news that recent TMT signing Billy Dib, an Australian featherweight, had his contract folded into Mayweather’s own self-named promotional outfit, with 50 Cent possibly exiting the boxing business altogether.

Now comes word that not only have Jackson and Mayweather unfollowed each other on Twitter, but that the former man may be set to take up a new venture with none other than Floyd’s bitter rival, Manny Pacquiao.

“50 Cent and I have been talking now for maybe the last two months,” says Pacquiao’s advisor Michael Koncz.

“They approached us with the idea to form a promotional company. Initially it was going to be 50 Cent, Manny and Floyd. But right now I don’t think Floyd is going to be a part of it.

“I think with 50 Cent, with his entertainment connections and his popularity there, combining that with Manny’s popularity and expertise in boxing – we can bring a new flavor to boxing – we can excite some young boxers and I think we can sign some top quality boxers. I spoke to 50 Cent tonight and confirmed that we’re going to go forward. Manny is coming here this weekend for other business, but we’re all excited about it.”

As we said before: ouch!

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