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Chavez Jr Reportedly Ready To Enter The Ring Again

Posted on 06/10/2016

Chavez Jr Reportedly Ready To Enter The Ring Again
By: Sean Crose

I know I’m alone in saying this, but I feel a bit sorry for Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. He just seems to me to be one of those young people who needs direction and a sense of purpose. Just because he’s rich doesn’t mean he’s happy. Rich people hurt too, of course. With that in mind, there’s no excuse for Junior’s behavior as a pro fighter. Whether it’s not taking training seriously, showing up to weigh ins overweight or just basically not putting in the kind of effort he should, the man has proven to be his own worst enemies in a lot of ways.


Still, I want to see the guy do well. Unless you’re talking a criminal, terrorist, dictator, war criminal, or some combination of those things I generally wish people happiness and success…so long as that success is earned. Junior is said to be back to focusing on boxing…let’s see if he earns himself some accolades this time around. I know, I know, we’ve been down this road before. I understand that. Sure enough, I can’t fault those fans who roll their collective eyes at the prospect of yet another chapter in the Junior saga. They’ve just seen this movie too many times.

Give this to junior, though – he knows the answer to the question: What’s in a name? For a whole lot of money and interest is in a name if it’s Chavez and you’re a boxer. Indeed, anyone else in the man’s position right now would be all but forgotten. Not Junior. It’s simply hard to argue the guy hasn’t coasted on his father’s coat tails – or at least been afforded lots of opportunities because of them. Yet it’s not like Junior’s intending to go up against any top names at the moment – so there’s that.

Indeed, the names of J’eon Love and Gabriel Rosado have been making the rounds as possible opponents for Junior. Name fighters to be sure, but not big names at this point in their respective careers. Upon consideration, a fight between Junior and either of those two opponents wouldn’t appear to be a waste of anyone’s time. At least not on paper. Junior is back with Freddie Roach, which may indicate the fighter is – wait for it – serious this time around. Let’s hope so. Age catches up with all of us, even those who don’t want to grow up. The clock is always ticking.

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