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There is No Such Thing as a Sucker Punch

Posted on 09/18/2011

By: Garett R. Nadrich

I guess too many Suburbanites cover sports nowadays. When I grew up, a sucker punch was a punch that was made when a fight wasn’t occurring. For example, you’re arguing at a bar with someone and in the midst of a verbal exchange, you clock a guy and he goes down, not expecting the punch.

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A sucker punch is not when you are paid $2.5 million to fight (note the keyword, “fight) the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world and you get punched. This is a boxing fight. Again, keyword… FIGHT. Floyd Mayweather is not getting paid over twenty million dollars to be French kissed, repeatedly hugged and embraced. Was Ortiz trying to seduce him? Moments earlier, he had cut his chin with what could have possibly been a career-ending injury.

It is so evident because of the hatred of Mayweather that if the situation was reversed and God forbid Mayweather was the fighter who was the doing the head butting and Ortiz returned with a two-punch combination knockout, that Ortiz would have been crowned a hero and Mayweather the bad guy. But alas, no matter what, Mayweather is crowned the bad guy even when he was wronged.

It makes me think that Holyfield could have been bitten off Tyson’s ear and Mike Tyson would have still been booed.
Many people can debate that boxing has changed for the worst. I have been a boxing fanatic for almost thirty years. It’s the fans that have changed. Men have turned into little girls who debate like women in a hair salon.

If you head butt, me, Garett R. Nadrich and I am 41-0, I will take that as a threat to my entire life and career. This would mean that you are trying to cheat and weaken me so that you can win. Personally, I would have head butted Ortiz back or kicked him in the nuts. That way the round could be even again and we could both have points deducted.

But in what I consider the more classy way of dealing with such a cowardly attack from Ortiz, Mayweather accepted his homosexual advances, waited for the 120-year-old referee to start the fight again and proceeded to end a fight that shouldn’t have continued any way.

Ortiz is not in Mayweather’s league. Ortiz is not even in a fighter like Margarito or Mayorga’s league. He’s a coward who quit in the ring, had to head butt Mayweather to try and even the fight up, holds the world record for the amount of kisses given during a bout and luckily stunned Andre Berto in a fight that still showed Ortiz hitting the canvas twice.

I guess I’m not surprised that no woman was cheering for Ortiz in the stands waiting for him. If she was, I’m sure she’d be jealous of the amount of kisses that were given to a man right in front of her.
And for the record, Pacquaio had nothing to do with this fight. This was between Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather. I’m not even a Mayweather fan. I just wish all you men would start rooting for the sport of boxing like men again and stop making excuses.

A W is a W. An L is an L.

Man up, guys.

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