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Philip H Anselmo: Is David Haye’s Beard Fake?


BY PHILIP H. ANSELMO (in cahoots with the Boxinginsider staff)

This is an ongoing debate on what “insiders” think about WBA Heavyweight Champ Davey Haye’s chin, and how it will hold-up in his showdown this summer with World/IBF/IBO/WBO Champ Wladimir Klitschko in a unification bout.

Philip H. Anselmo:

“Davey Haye has never felt a true heavyweights power. I’ll give him some credit; he’s elusive, but honestly, look at his competition, even at cruiserweight! He hasn’t faced a TRUE elite fighter in his entire career. A faded Jean Marc Mormeck is probably the best “quality” fighter he’s faced, and Mormeck put Haye down and hurt him badly before running out of steam. And like I said, Jean’s career was in its twilight. The only big men Haye has faced were immobile punching bags in overrated Enzo Mac, Valuev and “Awful” Audley. He is absolutely not prepared for a huge, physical man like Wlad, because Wlad WILL touch him… he’ll jab through Haye’s chest and keep him off-balance so Davey won’t be in position to counter. Honestly, I think a stiff Klitschko jab could stun Haye… rock him. As many times as he’s visited the canvas throughout his career against non-descript cruiserweight opposition, it’s a window into his future, a bleak foreshadowing… especially if the punches are coming from Wladimir Klitschko. So yes, in this fight especially, Haye’s beard could get punched into the 10th row.

Scoop Malinowski:
“Haye’s ability to take a punch is already questionable. On top of that, Wlad’s power is far beyond anything Haye has ever experienced. Keep in mind, similarly, Solis was unaccustomed to dealing with top-notch heavyweight power and we saw how he responded after Vitali connected with a grazing shot on his temple. Haye may wear his running shoes for this fight but sooner or later he is going to get hit. And hard.”

Ezio Prapotnich:
“I think the myth of David’s glass chin is more of a suspect, a speculation open to debate, than a proven fact. While Wladimir has had a couple of one way trips to the canvas, Haye always came back from the deck to stop the other guy… and in his infamous loss to Carl Thompson, he was stopped while on his feet. Wladimir will be the answer to the question. A faded Ruiz was able to find openings and land cleanly and even a terrified Audley Harrison managed to land one jab. Wlad will connect at one point and then we will all find out.”

Johnny Bos:
“Haye is very chinny… however (he) fights very scared which makes him dangerous. Wladimir’s danger rounds are always about 5 or 6… Haye SHOULD NOT be there that long but if he is, he’s dangerous.”

Lou DiBella:
“When it comes to heavyweight boxing, size matters. Think David Haye’s chin is better than advertised …but not against a Klitschko. Wlad by late KO.”

Charles Jay:
“Cruiserweights are going to move up to heavyweight. That’s all there is to it and that’s where the bigger money is. Consequently, chins have a hard time holding up, and this will be the most potent combination of size and skill he will have faced. Yes, it probably spells trouble. It’s interesting – as I was reviewing some tape in preparation for an analysis of the fight with Vitali and Solis I wanted to find something that showed Solis when he was in really good shape, and so I happened upon a tape of Haye fighting Solis in the amateurs. In the first round Haye hit Solis with a big uppercut that sent the Cuban back on his heels. If it was a pro fight he would have had an opportunity to finish, but the referee stepped in and issued an eight-count. After Solis recovered, over the next couple of rounds he landed a number of shots that, to put it diplomatically, ‘discouraged’ Haye, and then finally the ref came in and stopped it. I imagine Haye will be ‘discouraged’ after a while against Wladimir too.”

Philip H. Anselmo is a musician, vocalist, songwriter for such groups as Pantera, Down, Super Joint Ritual and Arson Anthem. You can keep up with Phil’s latest music production and going-ons, including his video interview with former New Orleans Saints star Jeremy Shockey at

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