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Jack Catterall with a Decision Win Over Joe Hughes in Bolton

Posted on 05/13/2016

Jack Catterall with a Decision Win Over Joe Hughes in Bolton
By: Stewart J. Lawrence

With a tough fight going the full 12 rounds, Joe Catterall wins easily, but has to work hard throughout the entire time.


Jack Catterall retained his WBO European & Intercontinental title, by defeating Joe Hughes in a fight that failed to live up to the hype that it was billed at. As is often the case with a southpaw vs. orthodox fighter, fighters fail to ‘gel’ and this was definitely the case. Catterall was technically the better fighter, but failed to find his range and rhythm, resulting in a messy fight.

The pace started slow, with Catterall putting together the better shots and doing enough to take the early rounds. Joe Hughes was trying to push the pace, having some success and taking the second round, but Catterall showing he is technically the better boxer and used that with his ring craft to frustrate Hughes and start a commanding lead on the judge’s cards. As the rounds grew, Catterall started to show why people (in the UK) are tipping the 22 year old to be future world champion. During the 10th Catterall looked tired with Hughes still fresh, and the man from Wiltshire tried putting it on Catterall, but he couldn’t make it count, and again in the 11th and 12th Catterall’s class shown through and he easily seen the rest of the fight out. Never being in any trouble.

Catterall took the fight on the judge’s scorecards 111-117, but this flattered Joe Hughes a little, but you can’t take anything away from the Wiltshire man. He pushed Catterall all the way, but Catterall was levels above.

A solid display, and a good win against a tough opponent.

Catterall is rank No4 by the WBO, but he is far from ready to face the likes of Crawford or anyone of that caliber. After the fight, Catterall praised his opponent stating; ‘He’s a tough fighter and doesn’t stop coming forward, but I was never in trouble in there, and I knew I had to just keep working and getting my shots off’. His promoter stated that they would be looking for the British title next and targeting Tyrone Nurse. When asked (Catterall) what he would like next, he said: ‘I’d like to cancel the holiday I have, and fight on 9th July card (Fury vs. Klitschko). Keeping myself busy’.

Tyrone Nurse is facing Willie Limond on the undercard of Ricky Burns. Either of then fighters would be a huge step up for Catterall and show the fighting community whether the hype about this young man is justified.

Which way the Nurse/Limond fight goes, either would be a tough fight and the Chorley man will have to show us he has what it takes to become the next best Super lightweight of British boxing.

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