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Big Questions Entering The Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz Fight

By Kirk Jackson

I’m sure by now many viewers have witnessed the 24/7 episodes and all of the other pre fight promotional shows leading up to this highly anticipated block buster match up.

Golden Boy Promotions, Victor Ortiz, Floyd Mayweather, and everyone involved from the respective camps are doing a great job so far in regards to hyping up this fight.

Photo by Gene Blevins/HoganPhoto

As a result, there are many opinions on how the fight will turn out from media and fans alike.

But it seems the overall consensus from most boxing experts and members of the media is Mayweather is expected to win the fight, either by late round stoppage or unanimous decision.

There are many people who are rooting for the underdog Ortiz, but I highly doubt many believe he has a serious chance to actually win.

Photo by Gene Blevins/HoganPhoto

But for those staking the claim Ortiz will emerge victorious have actually made compelling arguments.

Arguing his recent maturity, punching power, size, southpaw style, and youth will carry him to victory.

Which brings into mind a huge question that is the biggest x factor in this fight, and is something that will not be answered until we finally see these pugilistic warriors step inside the ring this Saturday.

Which Floyd Mayweather are we going to see?

Based on what we have witnessed from both fighters throughout their careers, we can estimate who has the edge in categories such as speed, power, durability, technique, ring generalship, etc.

And even the average boxing spectator would probably give Mayweather the edge in most of those categories. At least a prime Mayweather would probably have the edge.

But that’s the thing, we do not know what to expect, especially from a fighter coming off a 16 month lay off.

The self proclaimed main money maker in the sport, hasn’t done himself any favors with his inactivity in recent years.

This being his fourth fight in five years probably is not ideal for any elite boxer and he would have to admit that himself. I’m certain the sport of boxing would flourish even more with an active Floyd Mayweather as well.

An occasional break from such a demanding occupation is a good thing because any sport can be taxing on the body and mind. But historically, constant spans of inactivity does more harm than good for most boxers.

I do believe there has been a slight erosion of athleticism and reflexes in recent fights from Mayweather.

Although he doesn’t get hit a lot or accumulate a huge amount of damage in the ring, he does train incredibly hard so there is probably some wear and tear and as you get older your skills fade little by little.

At 34, Mayweather is no spring chicken.

But it happens with every fighter, every athlete period.

Marvin Hagler, Ray Leonard, Roy Jones, Julio Cesar Chavez, any and everybody slips up eventually because at the end of the day, father time is undefeated.

The question is when will it happen for Mayweather?

He had better hope it doesn’t happen in this fight, because if so he is going to be in for a world of pain.

Although he is not in his prime, I do not believe he is far removed from his prime. And aside from Bernard Hopkins he is probably the best ring tactician so he has that to fall back on but we really won’t know until we watch the fight on Saturday.

This is what makes this fight so interesting to watch.

Yes there is a lot of trash talk and Floyd is the self imposed “villain” so of course people want to watch him get pummeled to a pulp.

There is also a chance of witnessing greatness from one of the truly remarkable fighters of his generation, Floyd Mayweather, and the potential rise of an exciting star in the making Victor Ortiz.

There is a chance of fireworks taking place in the ring because Ortiz is a hungry fighter with something to prove. But with that said, Mayweather is hungry as well.

I’m certain the constant talk of Manny Pacquiao being heralded as his pound for pound superior is getting to him.

Although he may constantly talk about the importance of making money, deep down he has the heart and mind of a fighter and is a true competitor. Even his detractors can’t dispute that.

He wants to prove he’s the best of his era and an all time great. He’s arguably the best of his era and a hall of famer already, but we won’t know how truly great he is until it’s all said and done.

With that in mind, a fight with Manny Pacquiao or Sergio Martinez is inevitable. I think he has to fight one of the two, Pacquiao in particular, if he wants to receive the all time great recognition he desires.

But in order for either one of those match ups to re enter the conversation, Mayweather must get past Ortiz.

Will he be able to do so?

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