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Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinals Results: Josh Barnett

By: William Holmes

Pat Healy (27-17) vs. Maximo Blanco (8-2-1); Lightweight

Round 1:

Blanco thros an early overhand right and circles away. Blacno lands a superman punch, and lands a leg kick that sweeps Healy off of his feet. Blanco lands three quick short elbows. Blanco in Healy’s half guard. Blanco lands two more elbowsand quickly back to his feet. Both fighters are now standing and Blanco lands a quick right uppercut. Healy tags Blanco with a jab cross combination. Healy lands a jab, and follows with a jab cross combination. Blanco lands a high leg kick, and follows up with two knees. Blanco lands a front kick to the chin of Healy and lands three punches on Healy on the ground. Blanco is now in Healy’s full guard. Healy is cut. Blanco lands a hard eblow, and Healy attempts an armbar but can’t quite get it. Healy now looking for an ankle lock, but Blanco lands three kicks to the head of Healy’s head, but both fighters were on the ground and it was an illegal blow. Referee stops the fight to have Healy looked at. The referee correctly takes a point away from Blanco. Fight starts back up and Blanco throws bombs that don’t connect. Blanco throws numerous strikes, and lands with many including a spinning back kick. Healy takes Blanco down and has Blanco’s back. Healy lands a few strikes to the head of Blanco. Healy lands three hard hammer fists on Blanco. 9-9 round, but Blanco would have won the round if he didn’t lose a point.

Round 2:

Healy throws a 1-2 combination at Blanco, and Blanco misses with a wild right. Healy lunging at Blanco with his jabs but Blanco ducks under them. Blanco throws a spinning back fist that misses, but then connects on Healy with two hooks to the head. Blanco lands a nice uppercut on Healy. Healy lands a short left, and Blanco sticks his jab straight in Healy’s face. Blanco lands a jab and continues to attack at angles. Healy lands a straight right on Blanco, and knocks Blanco down with a short left hand. Healy takes Blanco down and goes for a joke, but loses it. Blanco gets back to his feet and begins to land multiple shots on Healy. A right hook tags Healy and stuns him. Healy has a plum on Healy and lands a few short knees. Healy coming forward, and hits Blanco with an overhand right. Healy gets another takedown on Blanco. Healy landing some short rights on Blanco. Blanco gets back to his feet but Healy gets a waistlock and slams Blanco down. Blanco pops up and Healy gets in a reverse crucifix. Healy now going for a rear naked choke from side position. Healy able to get the tap from Blanco, with a very interesting choke.

Healy wins by 2nd round submission at 4:24.

Muhammed Lawal (7-1) vs. Roger Gracie(4-0); Light Heavyweight

Round 1:

Gracie throws out a jab and Lawal ducks out of it’s way. Lawal throws a jab to the body of Gracie. Lawal again throws a jab to the body of Gracie. Both fighters are very cautious. Gracie throws a jab at Lawal but Lawal is able to duck it. Lawal throws a jumping left hook but misses. Lawal showing good head movement and has been ducking Gracie’s jabs. Gracie comes in and Lawal hits Gracie with a check left hook. Lawal hits Gracie with another left hook. Gracie throws a body kick but Lawal catches it. Lawal hits Gracie with a left hook. Gracie throws a flying knee at Lawal. Lawal throws another left hook and catches Gracie. Gracie connects with a jab on Lawal. Lawal throws a two punch combination and Gracie steps away. Lawal hits Gracie with a jab to Gracie’s body. Lawal throws a three punch combination and Gracie backs up. Lawal hits Gracie with a very hard right hook and follows up with another right hook and Gracie falls to the ground hard. Lawal wastes no time in throwing two more right hands and Gracie is viciously knocked out.

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal wins by 1st round KO at 4:33.

Luke Rockhold (7-1) vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (14-2); Middleweight Championship

Round 1:

Fighters touch gloves to start, and Jacare throws a leg kick to the body of ROckhold. Rockhold throws a leg kick at Jacre. Jacare shoots a takedown but Rockhold sprawls, and Jacare throws an overhand right at Rockhold that connects and Jacare shoots back in. Jacare in on a double leg and Rockhold is attempting a switch on Jacare. Jacare driving forward and lands three hard right hands on Rockhold. Jacare still trying to get Rockhold down and lands more right hands. Rockhold is back to his feet and Jacare lands a knee to the chin of Rockhold. Both fighters on their feet but clinched against the fence. Rockhold lands a leg kick on Jacre, and then throws a push kick. Rockhold lands a hard body kick on Jacare. Rockhold throws two kicks, and Jacare lands a right hand coming forward. Rockhold throws a punch to the head and kick to the body. Rockhold lands a switch kick and multi punch combination against the fence. Scored it 10-9 for Jacare, but very close round.

Round 2:

Rockhold lands a spinning back kick early in the round. ROckhold lands a few leg kicks, and throws a leg kick to the head of Jacare. Rockhold comes forward and lands two kicks, and lands two straight lefts on Jacare. Rockhold looking more confident, but Jacare lands a hard right on Rockhold, and comes forward with many punches including a hard shot to the jaw. Jacare in on a single leg against the fence, and Jacare lands a hard short right elbow. Rockhold lands a straight left hand, and throws a high right kick that is partially blocked. Another straight left lands for ROckhold. Jacare lands a right hook on Rockhold Rockhold is consistently coming forward, and Jacare pins Rockhold against the fence. Rockhold is able to get Jacare’s back against the fence. Rockhold lands three short knees to the thigh of Jacare. Jaacare turns Rockhold around on the fence. The fighters separate and Rockhold comes forward with a three punch combination. Fighters exchanging combinations but Rockhold is getting the better of Jacare. Jacare lands an overhand right on Rockhold. Rockhold lands three punches and has Jacare backing up at the end of round. 10-9 round for Rockhold, but very close again.

Round 3:

Rockhold coming forward again and throws a front kick that barely misses. Rockhold throws a straight left that barely misses, but then tages Jacare with a left hand. The straight left has found a home for Rockhold. Jacare comes forward with two body kicks but Rockhold throws a high kick that connects. Jacare gets hit and complains of a low blow after Rockhold throws a low kick. Jacare gets some time to recover. Rockhold still coming forward while throwing combinations. Jacare gets a trip takedown while defending Rockhold’s strikes. Jacare lands some short right hands on Rockhold, but Rockhold gets back up. Rockhold throws a leg kick at Jacare. Rockhold lands another push kick on Jacare. Rockhold throws a leg kick to the lead leg of Jacare. Rockhold lands another straight left. Rockhold is looking very confident on his feet against Jacare. Jacare throws a hard inside leg kick that lands. Rockhold is throwing some very nice looking combos. Rockhold is really starting to take control of this fight on his feet. 10-9 round for Rockhold.

Round 4:

Fighters touch gloves again, and Rockhold comes forward with his combinations. Rockhold landing a two punch combination that ends with a straight left hand. Rockhold lands a leg kick to the body of Jacare. Rockhold throws a push kick that causes Jacare to step back. Jacare lands a hard overhand right on Rockhold. Rockhold lands a heavy jab on Jacare and Rockhold is still coming forward. Rockhold’s hands are lower than they were before. Jacare ties Rockhold up against the fence, but Rockhold exchanges position and has Jacare’s back against the corner. Rockhold lands a short elbow on Jacare. Jacare comes forward on Rockhold with a four punch combinations, and lands two short uppercuts. Jacare shoots in on a double leg and Rockhold keeps a wide base. Rockhold gets in a plum and both fighters exchange knees. Both fighters look exhausted. Jacare shoots in on a takedown but Rockhold executes a wizard to avoid the takedown. Rockhold lands a knee to Jacare’s chin while clinched. Round ends with the fighters clinched against the fence. 10-9 round for Rockhold.

Round 5:

Fighters touch gloves before the round even starts. Rockhold comes forward with jab cross combinations, mixed in with leg kicks. The straight left hand is landing consistently for Rockhold. Rockhold lands another straight left, followed by a jab. Rockhold is able to stay out of the way of Jacare. Rockhold lands a straight left leg kick combination. Jacare lands an inside leg kick on Rockhold. Jacare gets Rockhold’s back against the fence, and ties up with a high body lock. Jacare working hard for a takedown, and knees Rockhold in the jaw as he struggles to his feet. Jacare is able to sweep out the leg of Rockhold and get the takedown. Jacare working hard to keep Rockhold down, but Rockhold able to get back to his feet. Jacare lands a short right hook. They are both back on their feet and Rockhold lands a two punch combination on Jacare. Jacare lands a front kick, and Rockhold continues to go forward landing two punch combinations. Rockhold lands a spinning body kick and lands a right hand. Jacare lands a right hand and Rockhold answers with a combination of his own. Both fighters are giving everything they have, and exchanging combinations. Great fight, last round was very tough to score. 10-9 for Rockhold.

Official scores are 50-45, 48-47, 48-47 for Luke Rockhold, making him the new Strikeforce middleweight champion.

Daniel Cormier (8-0) vs. Antonio Silva (16-2); Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinal

Round 1:

Silva and Cormier come out touching gloves. Silva looks a lot bigger than Cormier. Cormier lands a leg kick, and Silva rushes forward with a four punch combination. Cormier tags Silva with a very hard right hand that knocks him down. Cormier jumps into Silva’s guard and lands some ground and pound. Cormier lets Silva back up to his feet. Cormier hits Silva with a left hand that hurts Silva. Cormier lands a left hand that rocks Silva, and hits him with another straight right hand. Silva shoots in on a takedown and Cormier easily avoids it. Silva tries to get Cormier to follow him on the ground but Cormier lets him back up. Cormier lands a jab. Silva throws a kick to the body of Cormier and Cormier catches it and sweeps Silva. Silva’s back is on the ground and Cormier stands over him. Cormier backs up and lets Silva stand back up. Silva comes forward and lands three punches on Cormier. Cormier catches Silva with right hand. Cormier catches Silva with an uppercut that knocks him out, and Cormier follows up with two hammer fists to the head of Silva. Very impressive victory for Daniel Cormier.

Daniel Cormier wins by 1st round KO at 3:54.

Josh Barnett (30-5) vs. Sergei Kharitonov (18-4); Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinal

Round 1:

Kharitonov comes out and throws a right hook and connects. Barnett throws a jab and Kharitonov lands four punches. Barnett lands a counter right hand. Kharitonov lands four punches including an uppercut. Kharitonov lands some nice jabs, and Barnett shoots in on a takedown and gets a strip takedown. Barnett is on full mount on Kharitonov. Barnett lands an elbow from the top position. Barnett landing some short elbows. Barnett is staying heavy on his hips and lands some ground and pound on Kharitonov. Barnett landing some more left hands and short hammer fists. Barnett landing hard shots now and Kharitonov looks lost on the ground. Barnett has the back of Kharitonov and is looking for a rear naked choke. Barnett lands some short elbows to the side of Kharitonov’s head. Barnett landing some short uppercuts and hammer fists on Kharitonov’s head. Barnett flattens Kharitonov out and lands multiple shots to the side of Kharitonov’s head. Kharitonov turns over and Barnett throws his hips to the side of Kharitonov’s body and locks in a side choke, forcing the tap.

Josh Barnett wins by 1st round head and arm triangle choke submission at 4:28.

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