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Terence Crawford Barks at The Idea of Taking Less Amid Pandemic: “You’ve Gotta Pay Me”

Posted on 04/21/2020

By: Hans Themistode

While most of the world is crying broke due to the current pandemic, WBO Welterweight champion Terence Crawford is screaming to show him the money. 

Boxing inside of an empty venue isn’t ideal. But it might be the only way for the sport to return fairly soon. Just a few months ago, professional boxers were making more money than ever before. But social distancing equals no fans at events, and no fans at events equal less money. 

The thought of his less than usual paycheck hasn’t even crossed Crawford’s mind. 

In fact, his promoter Bob Arum will need to break out the checkbook and write a few extra zeros if he expects to see arguably his best fighter enter the ring without any fans in attendance. 

“If it was to happen, then they have to pay me more,” said Crawford during an interview for Chris Mannix on Sports Illustrated. “You know, they have to pay me more. Fighters of my status and on my level, we get paid for the people that’s coming there as well. So, you know, if I can’t get paid off of people coming, then I’m gonna have to get paid up front.”

If Crawford found himself in another profession, then he might be willing to acquiesce. Boxing is an entertainment based sport. But it’s also the hurt business. And there’s just no way to get Crawford to take that sort of risk for less money.  

“You know, you’ve gotta pay me, you know, to go up there and do what I do because it ain’t free. Just like people gotta pay, you know, to do anything else in the world. You know, you gotta pay us fighters because, you know, we’re taking a big risk and [a] health risk at the same time. You know, you can’t play boxing. One false move and you can be six feet [deep].”

“I done took less money, you know, almost my whole career, you know. Just because I knew where I was trying to go and what I was trying to accomplish. So, you know, we past that part [of my career].”

Words such as insensitive, money hungry and greedy are currently being hurled in the direction of Crawford. But much like in the ring, his defense is impregnable, and his focus is still on winning.

“I’m gonna be ready. Like I said, whatever it is, I’m gonna be ready.”

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