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Taneal Goyco Upsets Jerry Odom in A War at Philly’s 2300 Arena Friday!

Taneal Goyco Upsets Jerry Odom in A War at Philly’s 2300 Arena Friday!
By: Ken Hissner

GH-3 Promotion and Victory Promotions put on a 10 bout card at South Philly’s 2300 Arena Friday night. Considering Harrah’s in nearby Chester was also running there was a good turnout.


In the Main Event super bantamweight Adam Lopez, 16-0-1 (8), San Antonio, TX, scored a last round knockout over Puerto Rico’s Carlos Valcarcel, 14-9-4 (5), out of Miami, FL, at 1:47 of the eighth round.

In the opening round Lopez was the harder puncher of the two but Valcarcel kept coming forward. Rounds two and three followed with the same amount of action or lack of. In the fourth round Lopez continued to do just enough to win the round.

In the fifth round Lopez got a little more aggressive but only a few fans are left in the building to see it. In the sixth round Lopez continued to win the rounds but not in an impressive manor. In the seventh round Valcarcel hung tough but not enough to take a round. In the eighth and final round it was Lopez the aggressor trying for a knockout landing a good right uppercut to the chin of Valcarcel. Lopez landed a powerful left to the body and down went Valcarcel on his knees for the count of referee Gary Rosato.

Welterweight Ed “Bad Boy” Brown, 20-0 (16), Chicago, IL, won a lackluster decision over Ghana’s Albert Mensah, 29-6-1 (13), Joliet, IL, over 8 rounds.

For the first two rounds Brown loaded up on Mensah. In the third it was all Brown whose punches are very wide but land. In the fourth round Mensah was landing having Brown covering up. Brown kept moving around the ring as his corner yells at him.

In the fifth and sixth rounds Mensah held his own as Brown seems uninspired and certainly not living up to his record. In the seventh round Brown opens up with overhand rights having Mensah covering up but still coming forward. In the eighth and final round Mensah continues to chase Brown for the most part. Brown started showboating on the move until Mensah landed a solid overhand right to the head of Brown who seemed content to win by decision.

Judges Hill 79-73, Friscia and Rubenstein had it 80-72. This writer had it 79-73. Referee was Talmadge.

Welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 7-0 (6), of the Germantown section of Philly, stopped Chris Alexander, 4-3 (3), of Norfolk, VA, at the end of 4 rounds. Ennis proved to put on the best performance of the night.

In the first round Ennis landed 16 punches without return switching from orthodox to southpaw. It was all Ennis with combinations at will. In round two Ennis would land half a dozen punches to the head of Alexander who would smile and seemed to get away with talking to Ennis. Alexander took a real beating in this round.

In the third round Ennis landed a dozen punches wiping the smile off of Alexanders face. Ennis has all the tools and one can see he enjoys himself in the ring. In the fourth round a Ennis long left to the chin of Alexander dropped him. By the end of the round Alexander’s face was all red. Alexander’s corner stopped it. Referee was Rosato. The fans started piling out after this one with two bouts to go with no locals.

Ennis continues to be not only the hottest prospect in Philly but one of the hottest across the country. He has all the tools and is trained by his father Bozy Ennis of Bozy’s Dungeon. Ennis was mobbed by family and friends whom he always accommodates. “I felt great,” said Ennis.

Junior welterweight southpaw Kenny “Bossman” Sims, Jr., 10-0 (3), of Chicago, IL, won every round over a game Hawaiian Jonathan “Dyamite” Dinong, 5-2 (4), of Montery Park, CA, over 6 rounds.

Carter, Rubenstein and Friscia had it 60-54 as did this writer.

In the first two rounds Sims was one step ahead of the oncoming Dinong with too much hand speed. In the third round Sims couldn’t miss with his jab to the face of Dinong the entire round. In the fourth round Dinong went southpaw but still on the receiving end of Sims jab and follow-up left hands to the head.

In the fifth round Dinong managed to get inside on occasions. Sims hand speed completely controlled the round. In the sixth and final round Dinong landed his best punch of the fight with a straight left to the chin of Sims. Sims started showboating but landing that jab while dancing away from Dinong.

In the fight of the night super middleweight Jerry “The Kings Son” Odom, 14-3-1 (13), of Bowie, MD, was upset by Taneal “Spider” Goyco, 9-9-1 (4), of Philly, after 5 rounds when Odom couldn’t continue.

In the first round both boxers mixed it up good with Odom the better boxer of the two working on the body with hooks. Goyco finished the round well landing a barrage of punches. Round two a war broke out with Odom going to the head and body while Goyco was landing solid punches mostly to the head.

In the third round Goyco had Odom against the ropes while both unloaded on each other until Odom spun out. Both fighters had their head snapped back. They went to the neutral corner with Goyco again having Odom on the ropes. In the fourth round another war broke out as Goyco had Odom out on his feet. Odom was getting away with punches below the beltline without warning from referee Rosato.

In round five Goyco had Odom hurt against the ropes with left hooks to the head. Odom fought back but not landing as many punches as Goyco. Odom continued hitting low finally getting a warning from referee Rosato. It looked like Odom dropped due to fatigue but referee Rosato called it a slip. Goyco had
Odom out on his feet when the bell sounded saving him. Odom could not come out for the sixth round. He was in no condition to continue.

Junior featherweight Manny “Major Pain” Folly, 8-0 (6), of Kensington section of Philly dropped Nadori twice scoring a knockout with a jab to the mid-section at 2:02 of the first round. Referee was Talmadge. Due to being on the police force has caused Folly not to be able to train like he would want.

Lightweight southpaw Joshua “Hands of Stone” Jones, 3-0-1 (2), of Philly, made his Philly debut defeating Corey Edwards 2-2-1 (1), Hilton Head, SC, over 4 rounds.

In the first two rounds Jones landed good left uppercuts as Edwards continued to rush him. Edwards suffered a bloody nose during the round. In round three Edwards made a fight of it but not enough to overcome the amount of punches Jones landed. In the fourth and final round Jones landed the best punch of the fight a right hook to the side of the neck of Edwards. Referee Rosato had his hands full with too much holding by Edwards.

Judges Carter 39-37, Hill, Rubenstein 40-36 as did this writer.

“I felt great and I felt strong but need to fight more,” said Jones.

Super middleweight Derrick “Take It To The Bank” Webster, 21-1 (11), Glassboro, NJ, easily stopped Zoltan Sera, 26-12 (17), Hungary, at 1:28 of the fifth round.

In the opening round Webster had an easy time of it while Sera threw awkward punches. It’s hard to believe Sera had 36 fights looking like an amateur with heart. Round two Sera started playing to the crowd after causing a couple of head butts. Referee Rosato warned him. In round three Webster continues to land a solid jab but Sera continues grabbing him.

In the fourth round Sera got hit with a solid right hook and acted hurt until Webster dropped him with a right hook to the chin in a neutral corner. Referee Talmadge warned Sera for holding. In the fifth round Webster poured it on Sera forcing referee Talmadge to wisely halt the bout.

Junior middleweight southpaw Hurshiddek Normatov, 3-0 (1), UBZ-Brooklyn, NY, looked sharp in winning every round over a game Lenwood “Mr. Composure” Dozier, 10-14-2 (5), of Suitland, MD, over 6 rounds. Referee was Rosato.

In the opening round Normatov the taller of the two and a southpaw had his way a minute into the round with solid right hooks to the rib cage of Dozier who went on the defense. In round two Normatov continued to be the busier boxer putting Dozier against the ropes in a neutral corner landing punch after punch without return from Dozier.

In round three Normatov landed close to twenty punches as he had Dozier against the ropes. In the fourth round Normatov was landing at will and showed a good defense. He looked very polished being it was only his third fight.

In the fifth round Normatov ended the round with three straight solid left hands to the head of Dozier. In the sixth and final round it was all Normatov though Dozier hung tough.

All 3 judges had it 60-54 as did this writer. “I thought I showed good boxing skills and the opponent was very durable,” said Normatov. He is managed by David McWater who manages a stable of over twenty boxers.

In the opening bout bantamweight southpaw Leroy “Lucious” Davila, 4-0 (2), New Brunswick, NJ, pitched a shutout over survivor Damon Simon, 0-5-1, Beaumont, TX, over 4 rounds.

In the first round Davila was the stalker while Simon did his best to stay away from his jab and follow-up left hand. In round two Simon missed with a jab and walked into a solid left hook to the head from Davila. A solid left hook by Davila to the head of Simon forced him to hold on.

In the third round Davila landed half a dozen punches without return from Simon and it looked like referee Talmadge was going to step in and stop it. In the fourth and final round Davila was desperately trying to get the knockout but Simon was a survivor. It was a mismatch from the start. Davila needs better competition being he was an outstanding amateur.

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