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Super Brawl I Results: Chazz Witherspoon Wins IBS Belt by Vicious KO, Spivey Impressive in Stoppage

Posted on 02/04/2012

By: William Holmes

Dee Lee Promotions brought an action packed card to the Tropicana in Atlantic City featuring local Philadelphia Heavyweight Chazz Witherspoon and longtime veteran Dorin Spivey. The showroom in the Tropicana was packed and the crowd was raucous.

Witherspoon put his name back on the heavyweight map with a brutal 2nd round knockout over his opponent David Saulsberry. Witherspoon avoided the power shots of Saulsberry in the first round and threw little, but when he connected in the second round he connected hard. Dorin “Dangerous” Spivey was impressive in his victory over Victor Vasquez. He looked to be in incredible shape and Vasquez showed incredible heart in a fight that brought the crowd to its feet multiple times. The 7th round stoppage by the referee was disputed by some in the crowd, but Spivey had Vasquez hurt when the referee stopped it.

Round by round results of the main card and quick results of the undercard are as follows.

Chris “Champ” Finley (3-3-0) vs. Keenan “Killer Keenan” Smith (4-0); Lightweight

Early action featured a hard two punch combination from Smith in the second round that left Finley’s leg wobbly. Smith suffered a gruesome cut in the fourth round due to a headbutt, but was able to survive and pull out a decision victory in an exciting affair. Official scores were 39-37 Smith, 38-38 Draw, and 39-37 for Keenan Smith giving him a majority decision.

Isiah Seldon (5-0) vs. Kenneth Moody Jr. (2-2-2); Middleweight

Seldon pressed the action early and viciously knocked Kenneth Moody Jr. out in the second round. Seldon looked very impressive with his power which was evident from the beginning of round one.

Jon “Dark Knight” Bolden (2-3) vs. Dorsett “Bullet” Barnwell (5-0); Heavyweight

Dorsett Barnwell landed the harder punches and was able to avoid the jabs of Bolden to score a decision in a fight that saw little action. Official scores are 39-37, 39-37, and 39-37 for Dorsett “Bullett” Barnwell.

Joey “Jotln” Tiberi (6-1) vs, Steve Cox (2-3); Junior Welterweight

Tiberi landed several hard hooks in the early rounds and was able to catch Cox with some vicious uppercuts. Tiberi had a large crowd of fans here to support him and he was clearly the better fighter as he cruised to a decision victory. Official scores were 40-36, 40-36, and 40-36 for Joey Tiberi.

Frankie “The Freight Train” Filippone (8-2-0) vs. Harley “Sandman” Kilfian (9-8); Super Middleweight

Filippone landed the cleaner and straighter shots in a rather lackluster fight. The straight left hand landed often for Fillippone, and nothing clean landed for Kilfian. The official scores were 59-55, 58-56, and 58-56 for Frankie Filippone.

Dennis Hasson (11-0) vs. William “Ice Man” Santiago (6-7-1); Cruiserweight

Santiago came out blazing in round one and applied tons of pressure. Hasson came out stronger in round two and began to work behind his jab and landed a hard right hand that hurt Santiago. A barrage from Hasson left Santiago on grasping to hold on in round two. Hasson continued to apply the pressure in round three and forced to referee to stop it at 1:31.

Ela “Bam Bam” Nunez (11-11-2) vs. Nydia “Da Phenonimnal” Feliciano (3-2-3); Featherweight

The women’s bout featured two minute rounds instead of your typical three minute rounds. Feliciano was the quicker fighter who was able to land the crisper punches. The part of the fight that got the biggest reaction of the crowd was when the ring card girl was a middle aged out of shape guy. Official scores were 39-37, 39-37, and 39-37.

Main Event Round by Round Results:

Chazz “The Gentleman” Witherspoon (29-2) vs. David “Big David” Saulsberry (7-4); IBS Heavyweight Title

Round 1:

Witherspoon comes into this fight with a heavy contingent of supporters in the crowd. Witherspoon is easily able to avoid the jabs of Saulsberry early on. A jab lands to the body of Witherspoon sending him backwards. Saulsberry is stalking Witherspoon and lands some jabs to the body. Witherspoon double jabs to the body of Saulsberry. Witherspoon lands a jab to the body and gets hard with a hard right hook near the corner. Witherspoon showing a lot of movement on the outside, and lands a jab as Saulsberry comes in. Witherspoon lands two jabs upstairs on Saulsberry. Witherspoon connects with another jab to the body. Close round, 10-9 for Saulsberry.

Round 2:

Saulsberry stays busy with his jab and tries to back Witherspoon up. Witherspon lands a vicious right hand that knocks Saulsberry out!! Saulsberry is unable to answer the ten count and Witherspoon gets the KO victory.

Witherspoon wins by KO at 0:42 of round 2.

Dorin “Dangerous” Spivey (40-6) vs. Victor Vasquez (14-5-1); NABA Lightweight Championship

Round 1:

Spivey and Vasquez come out to the center of the ring and both look to be in good shape. They touch gloves and Spivey comes out with his jab. Spivey connects with an early right cross. Spivey lands a jab and follows it with a solid two punch combination. Spivey misses with a right cross, but lands a decent double jab. Spivey thuds a check left hook on Vasquez as he comes in. Spivey lands a right hook on Vasquez. Vasquez connects with a nice body head combination. Vasquez stings Spivey with a straight right hand as he comes forward. Spivey connects with a straight right hand of his own. Vasquez lands a hook to the body and Spivey lands a straight right hand upstairs. Spivey sticks a jab on the chin of Vasquez. Close round, 10-9 for Spivey.

Round 2:

Spivey comes out and throws a double jab landing on the latter of the combo. Vasquez lands a left hook, but eats a good straight right hand immediately after. Spivey keeps his jab in the face of Vasquez, and lands a hard left hook as Vasquez comes charging in. Spivey connects with a decent jab. Spivey lands a hard right cross on Vasquez. Spivey connects with a short right uppercut on Vasquez. Vasquez misses with a lead left uppercut. Vasquez connects with a good lead right hand. Vasquez eats a hard two punch combination from Spivey, and misses a wild right hand near the end of the round. 10-9 round for Spivey.

Round 3:

Spivey comes out swinging and lands some shots to the body of Vasquez, but eats a good right hook in the process. Spivey and Vasquez are exchanging and landing jabs. Spivey is able to land a combination and escape danger after they clinch by the center of the ring. Spivey may have hurt Vasquez with a combination near the ropes. Vasquez bangs two hooks to the body of Spivey. Spivey lands a left hook, but Vasquez comes back with an overhand right. A hard uppercut from Vasquez is partially blocked. Spivey lands a good straight left hand on Vasquez that snaps his head back. Spivey thuds another straight right hand off the chin of Vasquez. 10-9 round for Spivey.

Round 4:

Spivey lands a very hard early overhand right on Vasquez. Spivey connects with another short right uppercut on Vasquez. Vasquez lands an overhand right, but eats another combination in the process. Spivey eats a hard left hook to his chin. Fighters exchange body shots in close. Spivey lands another overhand right on Vasquez, and Vasquez fires back with straight rights and lefts of his own. Spivey stings Vasquez with a straight right hand after an exchange of furious combinations. Spivey connects with a jab, and Vasquez answers with a hook. Vasquez eats another straight right hand from Spivey, and a hard straight left hand. Vasquez appears to have some blood coming from his right eye. Spivey stalks Vasquez and winks at press row near the end of the round. 10-9 round for Spivey.

Round 5:

Spivey comes out firing and lands early jabs and hooks on the inside. Spivey gets tagged with an overhand right after he comes forward on a combination. Spivey connects with another overhand right, and digs in some hooks to the body of Vasquez. Another stiff straight right hand lands for Spivey. Vasquez buries three hooks to the body of Spivey. Vasquez misses with a wild left hook, and eats another two punch combination from Spivey. Spivey lands a hard right hook and Vasquez lands a good right hook of his own. Spivey looks to be in good shape and Vasquez is starting to fade. Spivey lands a straight right hand and Vasquez connects with a looping left hook. Spivey tags Vasquez with a good straight right and a straight left hand near the end of the round. 10-9 round for Spivey.

Round 6:

Vasquez has a left hook blocked by Spivey, and Spivey causes Vasquez to miss. Spivey quickly lands a three punch combination and pushes Vasquez near the corner. Vasquez spins out and has Spivey’s back near the ropes before the referee seperates them. Vasquez connects with a short left hook and has Spivey’s back near the ropes. Sloppy exchange occurs and neither fighter lands. Spivey lands a hard overhand right and a two punch combination on Vasquez by the ropes again. Vasquez looks to be hurt as he pushes Spivey away. Vasquez’s punches are startling to look slow. Spivey lands another two punch combination and Vasquez looks frustrated. Vasquez lands a lead left hook that surprises Spivey. Vasquez lands another good left hook that gets the crowd roaring. Spivey lands two consecutive two punch combinations on Vasquez. The straighter punches of Spivey are landing before the looping punches of Vasquez. 10-9 round for Spivey.

Round 7:

Spivey stays behind his jab and lands a hard right cross. Spivey begins to mix up combinations on Vasquez on his body and his head. Vasquez takes a beating and the referee stops the onslaught. Vasquez showed heart but it was not a bad stoppage.

Dorian Spivey wins by TKO at 0:25 of round 7.

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