Staredown Study: What Adamek and Maddalone See In Each Other’s Eyes

I asked both Vinny Maddalone and Tomasz Adamek what they saw in each other’s eyes moments after their staredown for photogrpahers at Monday’s press conference…
Vinny Maddalone:  “Yeah, definitely, listen, he’s a proven champion. It’s not like at this point of our career were not trying to intimidate guys and stuff like that. We know what we gotta do. I see in his eyes – I think he sees in mine – it’s business. Come Thursday night we know what’s at stake and we both gotta perform to the best of our abilities.”
Tomasz Adamek:  “He’s tough, tough guy. He’s not afraid of big fights. We will see on Thursday how he start the fight. Yeah. If you want to win you must be tough in the heart. If you don’t have the heart you don’t have anything, you know?”
I asked Adamek if Maddalone could beat him?  “Everybody has chance. But my speed is strong. When I’m going to the ring, I’m going to be champion. It’s my way.”

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