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Shameweather Doesn’t Have The Urge To Get Knocked Out By Pacquiao

Posted on 09/03/2010

Floyd Mayweather has emerged from hiding from Manny Pacquiao, just like we knew he would: after Pacquiao has signed the contract and participated in press conferences for the Margarito fight in November.

Mayweather has emerged in the most vile, repulsive and disgusting form we have ever seen from the ugly American yet, as he is making racial comments against Pacquiao in a video released by USstream.

Mayweather is a sad, pathetic and pitiful figure who only deforms himself further and worse as he allows his fear and cowardice of Manny Pacquiao to devour any iota of class and respect he has left.

They say a coward dies thousand deaths and that’s what Mayweather is doing to himself…he’s killing himself, his career, his reputation, his legacy and all the good that he’s accomplished throughout his career, as he now relentlessly shames himself by disgracefully ducking and dodging a fight with the man he envies and fears – Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather is a desperate whore who will do anything and say anything, to preserve himself from having to fight and get brutally knocked out by Manny Pacquiao.

No one can stand up to defend him now. Al Haymon may have the money but he doesn’t have the balls to come out and stand up and defend Mayweather. Don King knows it’s hopeless to associate with a fraud like Mayweather. There’s no e-mails or sources Tim Smith can rely on now to support Floyd Mayweather. Teddy Atlas can’t and won’t say anything on ESPN to defend Mayweather or take another cheap shot at Pacquiao. Oscar, Schaefer, Ellerbe or any other Mayweather family member can’t say anything to support Mayweather. It’s over.

Mayweather is all by himself, cornered like a cowardly dunce. He has no where to run or hide from his worst nightmare. It’s all over now. And isn’t it just incredible what infinite, uncontrollable cowardice can do a to man’s soul, like it has done to this pitiful, pathetic, disgraceful creature named Floyd Mayweather? We are witnessing one of the most shameful, disgusting debacles in modern American sporting history. There’s an old quotation that says, “Show me a hero and I’ll show you a tragedy.” Floyd Mayweather is a tragedy.

Now he says he doesn’t have the urge to box Manny Pacquiao. I’ll give you the translation of his latest lies: He doesn’t have the urge or desire to be brutally, savagely and violently beaten up and knocked out by Manny Pacquiao. That’s the truth.

But I’ve got some news for you. It’s just a matter of time before we see this massive fraud exposed, humbled and humiliated, as he will be laying unconscious on the canvas, beaten, battered, bloodied and completely destroyed, once and for all. It’s the destiny and fate of Mayweather.

“The humble shall be exalted, and the exalted shall be humbled.”

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