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Scoop Mailbox: Where is Ellerbe?

Posted on 10/03/2010

scoop, pacquaio vs winner of williams and martinez will be the next exciting fight for manny in early 2011 especially if manny beat margarito easily. let us see if roach will bite this idea since most people around manny and manny itself wants to try bigger opponents who like to engage in toe to toe fight. do you like this fight to happen especially with paul williams?

SCOOP REPLY: I believe it won’t happen with Williams. Because, IMO, Arum will not give Haymon any chance to prosper with any of his fighters at the expense of Pacquiao, not after Haymon helped to save and protect Floyd from Pacquiao. And the truth is Williams, though he is extremely talented and exciting to watch, just does not bring any kind of money to the fight so don’t expect to see Arum and Pacquiao do Haymon any huge favors, let alone small favors.
But if Martinez beats Williams – as Team Martinez is extremely confident they will – yes Pacquiao vs. Martinez is possible and it would be a very exciting match too as the height disparity is minimal.
Antonio Margarito is indeed a dangerous fighter! floyd has been ducking margarito for a long time and cotto can’t take the pressure inside 10 rounds whether it was loaded with illegal handwraps then. the fact that cotto didn’t stop margarito in those rounds even if margarito has cheated then or not, he is still a dangerous and one of the feared welterweight and middleweight fighter. floyd never would gamble a fight with margarito while pacquaio interviewed with philippine press seems to be very condident on stopping margarito. it seems he is actually excited to fight margarito with no negative thoughts of losing but just another routine high performance he is expected to do it again with himself coz this is what the public wants. pacquaio is very confident still though it is clearly that margarito has the physical advantage.

i was there at the dela hoya-pacquaio conference 2 years ago and i was not really worried by dela hoya physical advantage but last month when i saw margarito and pacquaio posing for a picture, i could really say that this fight is a fight between a legitimate super middleweight and a bantamweight. if pacquaio will just undergo the usual routine of a fighter to lose weight for a coming fight, pacquaio could actually weigh 122 lbs if he wants too based on his height of 5’6′. margarito is big but lets see if speed will beat size or where does the limitation of the speed and power of pacquaio coz in some filipino writers close to pacquaio they are already thinking pass margarito they are talking about fighting williams, martinez and chavez jr. who are bigger than margarito and having reaches of 3 to 4 inches and height advantage of 5-6 inches more than than manny pacquaio. they are not even mentioning the name of mayweather now inside the camp of pacquaio in 2011 but looking for more exciting and competitive fight that will bring new challenge for manny pacquaio fighting bigger opponent while mayweather is looking for a fight with matthew hatton. now, see the difference scoop!

SCOOP REPLY: Pacquiao has already defeated Mayweather without even having to throw a single punch. I agree Margarito is a very dangerous opponent. I covered the whole situation in 2006 when they kept offering Floyd the biggest contracts of his career and he kept avoiding it, with no fights scheduled ( he could have fought Margarito AND Baldomir in 06). I heard Floyd mentally fall apart on the conference call when they asked him about Margarito. I saw the video of Margarito confronting the stuttering and scared Mayweather at the Las Vegas press conference. I know Mayweather had Margarito locked out of his post fight press conference. I saw the video of Floyd having some kind of crying breakdown about Margarito at the post fight press conference after the Baldomir win. This all proves how formidable Margarito is – and how much Floyd secretly respects him. The question is how much did that annihilation at the hands of Mosley take out of Margarito? Margarito is going to be very inspired to fight in Texas, he could fight the fight of his life. This is the big one he’s waited many years for. Anything can happen but Pacquiao should overcome the size and strenght disadvantages, maybe similar to the Dempsey-Willard fight.
scoop, you are the first among the rest of boxing writers exposed about the truths of the invented fighter in america through corporate marketing that is floyd mayweather.

now, every elite boxing writers working for major newspaper and boxing magazines in every big city and big sports media/tv editor have just converted to this idea that mayweather is actually scared of manny pacquaio. but not so long ago in the archive of boxing insider you are the one who made the conclusion when everybody was optimistic in their articles that mayweather will fight manny pacquaio.

based on some video seen from the training of manny pacquaio with roach in the philippines, manny is still superbly fast and i knew mayweather and ellerbe do open their computer and seen pacquaio train in the philippines thats why they are hiding and would not utter any words at the moments coz this is so scary to them and the thought of manny in the computer screens and tv would actually scare mayweather and ellerbe, thats why they won’t say anything right now.
sometimes i wondered if internet was not invented afterall, maybe floyd will fight manny pacquaio coz he will not have any idea how the manny would train. nowadays its easy to scout your opponent through the internet which makes floyd more scared. in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s there was no internet yet so fighters will make decision based on what they only hear, now fighters will make decisions on what they hear and see, so in this regards floyd mayweather is actually following manny pacquaio in the internet on how he trains and that makes mayweather scared especially in the youtube where manny shows shadow boxing where he was so fast and good footwork.

it was you who knew and warned the boxing public that mayweather and ellerbe will not really sign a contract to fight manny! you should be the editor in chief of the ring magazine scoop, you deserve it!

SCOOP REPLY: Thank you for the support and compliments. You make very good points, especially about the power of the internet and YouTube. I believe Mayweather is scared and intimidated by every thing about Pacquiao, including his self confidence, his class, his honor and nobility, the love and respect he has from worldwide fans. Everything about Pacquiao, not even considering his superior skills and style, makes Floyd look like a totally pathetic disgraceful human being.

You have to find it interesting that Ellerbe has not shown his face in months nor uttered any words. They are in complete lockdown undercover hiding. Their only hope is for Margarito to save them or for Haymon to convince Ross Greenberg to let them pick a tune up vs. matt hatton calibre opponent or Khan to be financed and televised by HBO. Greenberg must not relent. Arum seems quietly confident in his public statements that Mr Greenberg is on board so things look good right now, as far as pressuring Floyd to step up and fight Pacquiao in 2011. Pac must be careful with the highly motivated, big strong yet somewhat slower handed Margarito who is also very motivated to achieve redemption.

And remember, HBO absolutely forced Williams Goossen and Haymon to take this rematch with Martinez, from what I am told, they did NOT want it. As my source said, Team Williams do not believe they convincingly won the first fight with Martinez and this is a difficult fight they do not want, but HBO forced them to take it. So it would appear that HBO is playing hardball with Haymon which is a good sign for making future attractive matchups involving Berto, Williams, Mayweather and other Haymon fighters. Be on the lookout for my interview with Martinez trainer Sarmiento this week.

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