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Scoop Mailbox: Could PacMan Execute Hopkins?

Any thoughts on what Freddie Roach’s comments that Hopkins should keep quiet because Manny could beat him too? Alex Kebert

Scoop Reply: Bold comments from Mr. Roach but he has been astoundingly accurate with just about everything he says regarding Manny Pacquiao in recent years. When Freddie Roach speaks you damn well better listen. No I would not be surprised at all if Hopkins got the same treatment Margarito, Oscar, Cotto and Hatton recently received from Mr. PacMan. But Ex has a big problem on his hands next month with Jean Pascal in Montreal and I was told by Hopkins directly that there is a rematch clause too.

Scoop…..interesting new demands from FM Sr. Thought you might wanna listen to this..very interesting (On The Ropes Radio show on…….Pat Michael

Scoop Reply: I read these interview quotes earlier. Looks like a new idea for the Mayweathers to try to block the fight from happening. Why would they care what the “one dimensional midget” is doing? And why doesnt Floyd himself come out and say it? It’s just more testimony that a major part of Floyd’s legacy will be that he introduced fear and cowardice to top level pro boxing. No fighter in the history of the sport has shown remotely as much fear and cowardice as Floyd Mayweather jr. has shown to Manny Pacquiao.

Scoop I really liked your Biofile with Sergio Martinez. Basing on the prev fight of Martinez and Williams they could both either ko….or Punisher to win by pints as he throws more punches…what do u think…?…cant wait for this re match going to be tremendous…Samaarah Choubak

Scoop Reply: Totally stumped on this one Samaarah. I can see a Williams KO, I can see a Martinez KO. I can see a draw. Can also see a close split decision either way. No idea on this one. Just gonna sit back and enjoy and may the best man win. Tons of respect for both of these class acts who both deserve the major money superfights in their futures.
Hey Scoop,
Interviewed by Filipino media and Fan House, Roach said that Bernard Hopkins should shut up coz Manny Pacquaio can beat him if ever they face in the ring! This is a bold statement coming from Roach itself, and Roach is always right on his analysis and prediction all the time so far with regards to Manny Pacquaio. I really believed it also coz Bernard is slow and old now, he is not like in the age category of Margarito! Manny Pacquaio will even knock out Hopkins I believed if they can have a catchweight in 165 lbs!
Can you believed what Tim Smith has just written in his column today, he reacted on some writers and Arum who called Pacquaio the greatest fighter! Lets say this is still to be proven by Pacquaio in coming fights and maybe debatable as it is to be the greatest fighter but the fact that Tim Smith reacted to the idea of some writers only tells that he is really against Pacquaio. Remember Scoop, he still didn’t answer and provide facts and e-mail regarding the last time he made accusation on Manny Pacquaio.
Tim Smith said that its all pure fiction about naming Pacquaio as the greatest but how about his article not too long ago, is it pure fiction also? Tim Smith is the one who writes fictional idea and opinion! Tim Smith the fictional writer of the Daily News!
Tim Smith was so negative on Pacquaio that he deny the quality of opponents of Pacquio in recent years, De la Hoya, Hatton and Diaz. Now, suddenly Oscar is a shot fighter when he was supposed to beat Manny and was the favorite on the fight, in fact did Tim Smith picked Dela Hoya? Hatton according to Smith was already a beaten fighter, how can he say that since as far as we can remember Hatton and Golden Boy asked for that fight coz he was an undefeated 140 pounder champion and lastly Diaz, he referred as outgunned fighter but Diaz was the reigning 135 lbs champion in fact beaten Eric Morales in 135 before facing the climbing weight fighter Pacquaio in 2007. Smith didn’t mention quality opponents of Pacquaio like Cotto, Margarito, Clottey, Barrera, Morales, Marquez (who taste the canvass with his fight with Manny), not to mention the Lebwaba the reigning 122 lbs champion, and the other champion on the lower category which Manny defeated. Smith was now ready for excuses on Mosley already who he said is old fighter facing Manny Pacquio maybe next year. Tim Smith is ready already for excuses on possible Manny Pacquaio opponent.
He mentioned Floyd Mayweather, Alexander and Bradley as the fighter who will give Manny Pacquaio some real fight and implies that this three fighters can beat Pacquio. I mean Smith really believes that this three fighters will give Pacquio some problem? Floyd ducked Pacquio coz Floyd thinks and believed that he has no chance to beat Manny and Alexander and Bradley is still not in the category of Manny just right now and this is the truth. Tim Smith thinks that Bradley and Alexander can beat Pacquaio? Now, who’s talking fiction here? Is Tim Smith riding the racist opinion of the Mayweather clan, Bernard Hopkins that Pacquaio didn’t face Black American fighters and Tim Smith being an African-American thinks this way too coz he just mentioned three Black American fighters. Did he just secondly demotion the idea of Hopkins and Floyd with regards to Pacquaio not fighting American Black fighters in which so far Floyd is the one who is running scared and ducking the Filipino Fighter. Why Tim Smith lacks so much bearing on his argument and opinion when in fact he is writing for Daily News of New York, this is lack of class being a sports writer in the leading paper in New York! Tim Smith is a joke!
Scoop, can you write something on your reaction on Tim Smith who I think hates Pacquiao now more than ever though he wrote that he don’t hate Pacquaio but I think he has a beef on Pacquaio but if we look back not too long ago did he provide facts when you asked him to give facts in your article and suddenly he was gone for a while and would not touch the Pacquaio topic until recently when he surfaced to touch the Pacquio topic again and for the same thing he is still very negative on achievements of the Filipino fighter. Tim Smith never wrote an article questioning Floyd Mayweather ducking and refusal to fight Pacquaio while he is pointing fictional accusation to Bob Arum and some boxing writers who thinks Pacquaio is now the greatest!
Can he fault some writers if they think this way coz Pacquaio just won 8 different divisions and no one achieved this feat before. Pacquaio is alone right there in this achievements and this is a fact, not a fiction! Tim Smith argument is not a boxing purist perspective but just a hating message and negativity to Manny Pacquaio the greatest or perhaps one of the greatest as of now. Tim Smith is one of Black Racist deep down inside his heart and would not accept any greats in sport except Black Americans or the politically correct term of African American.

Scoop Reply: Let me tell you something about Tim Smith. He’s a good guy, popular & likeable around the boxing scene and New York Sport scene. He can tell a GREAT story and he gave me a fantastic one about Tyson for my book “Heavyweight Armageddon: The Tyson-Lewis Championship Battle.” If you meet him you will like him, that kind of guy. But he adheres to or prefers a certain stereotype for a boxing champion. I remember about a decade ago how Smith wrote a column that he did not like Lennox Lewis as his heavyweight champion and Lennox’s polite and pleasant way of talking, chess playing and tea sipping, did not measure up to his ideals of how a heavyweight champion should be. He prefered his champs to act with colorful bravado, like Mike Tyson, or fighting like a warrior like Holyfield. Now, I believe the same thing is happening again – Smith can’t quite comprehend that a smiling humble soft spoken Filipino man is the ultimate fighting gladiator in the sport today. Smith can’t quite accept that Money Mayweather is a coward who would rather duck the approximate $75 million he could receive for a three fight series with PacMan. Smith can’t seem to see or write that the last thing this American coward wants to do is fight Manny Pacquiao. I guess we all have our mental blocks and quirks and our preferences. Smith is a guy who prefers the swag, bravado and trash talk style of Floyd or Roy Jones Jr. as opposed to the gentlemanly honorable and noble sportsman champion personified by Lennox Lewis, Manny Pacquiao and the Klitschko Brothers.

I agree with you it’s frustrating how Smith handled that whole phantom email about the steroids allegation link to the SUPPOSED Pacquiao camp member. As dishonest and dirty as that appears to be now since Smith never released this email he supposedly had/has in possession, I still have to say Tim Smith is a likeable good guy. And in his own way he is helping to promote and publicize the Pacquiao-Mayweather controversy into the gigantic soap opera it has become. Just have faith my friend that the truth will eventually be known by all, and the liars will be exposed. And hopefully boxing will continue to have many more controversies and controversial figures like we have right now. Controversy sells, so they say.

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