Scoop Alert: Adamek vs. Mormeck In The Works?

Former Cruiserweight champion and heavyweight newcomer Jean Marc Mormeck revealed that he is in the process of setting up a fight later this year with a surprisingly unexpected heavyweight opponent. France-based Mormeck made a rare american appearance in New Jersey last week and sat ringside at the David Tua-Monte Barrett bout at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.

When I approached the muscular French man and asked what his short term boxing goals were, he answered through an interpreter, “A fight with Adamek.” Which is interesting news because ring observers know that Adamek already has a potentially dangerous fight set up for next month against Michael Grant.

Mormeck and Adamek were seated two seats apart in the front row, watching Tua vs. Barrett, virtually next to each other for most of the night. When asked if Grant was going to pull out of the August date and if he was going to be the replacement, Mormeck stated that, No, Adamek vs. Grant was still on for August 21 and that Mormeck would fight Adamek in October or November of 2010.

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