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Roy Jones & Jeff Lacy Presser Quotes

Posted on 07/16/2009

Roy “Captain Hook” Jones Jr. Ready for Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy on August 15

Jones dressed as “Captain Hook” for Wednesday’s press conference at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS
Photos by Tom Casino/Square Ring Promotions
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Press Conference quotes for August 15 event broadcast live on Pay-Per-view

Roy Jones Jr. on Podium

“When I bring it, I bring it. I went to Tampa to watch him fight and Jeff Left Hook Lace said he wanted it. I’m glad that he chose me to challenge him but it’s simple – a lot of guys do a lot of talking in boxing but they don’t want to step up to the plate. Jeff Lacy said he wanted to and see where we are? Right by where the fight is going to be.

Tom asino gave me this nick-name a long time ago. I always thought I was the best hooker in the game anyway and Lacy’s got a pretty good hook too. When you get a challenge like that how do you say no? The man just said straight up – I want to fight you and I think I can beat you. I love to watch Jeff fight because he is exciting and he has power in both hands and he does have a very good right hand also.

It’s going to be a great night and I’m going to be fit, fine and ready. Make no mistake about it, it is going to be a war out there. Captain Hook, who’s got the best hook in the business versus Left Hook who thinks he’s got the best hook.

Jeff Lacy at Podium

I have always watche Roy Jones Jr and I am happy I will be a name on his roster. He’s not going to beat me but it will still be good to be one of his opponents. I have always been the type of guy that has never done a lot of talking outside the ring. I do my talking in the ring and come August 15 this fight is going to happen. I agreed to it and he’s agreed to it. I’m bringing my and and Captain Hook? You can see how he’s dressed up. He comes in uniform and I come as Left Hook – the original. I will show you that. I’ll bring my hook. He’ll bring his hook and we’re going to have a hook night.

Roy Jones Interview

He is a classic puncher and I’m a classic boxer. The best fights we’ve had – Ali-Frazier, Ali-Foreman…when you bring that mix together it is always a classic fight. He’s strong and he’s got a powerful punch with both hands. I know that and I can’t deny my fans that fight.

All it takes is having a decent name and if they want to call me out just say when and where and I will be there. When he challenged me, he should have known right there you are going to get what you ask for. As far as his expectations and confidence…I think my mom was pretty confident I was going to be a girl, and look at me now.

What about Danny Green?

For me, I just do whatever comes next. I am the easiest person in the world to make a fight with and I think Danny Green knows that too. Danny Green will be fighting for the IBO Cruiserweight title and I have never won a title in that division and with him doing that it sounds very intriguing to me to go to Australia and lift the title out of his hands when he gets it. And if he gets it on the 15th and then I get mine later in the night, then we will cross that bridge.

I love the challenge and if you look at the photos of the presser I enjoy the entertainment. I am in this business because that is what God has blessed me to do and I enjoy entertaining people. I am a hooker and I’ve got the best hook in the business and I dressed up as Captain Hook and you know I’m not playing about my hook.

I think I am enjoying it more now because people doubt me now. I love for my bak to be against the wall.

Roy Jones has got to look at it like this…when you call me out, I can’t think about the next one. I know he’s not going to whoop me but I know it’s not going to be easy. Just because he lost against Taylor? Why is it in boxing that if you lose you may as well go home and cut your legs off and cut your arms off? But in MMA you can lose 4 or 5 times and be on TV the next week?.

If someone can make a name off my name, God bless’em. It means they had to use me to make their name. How remarkable must I be for them to make a name off me? I understand what he wants to do but for him right now it is not a good time. It’s not going to work out for him but that doesn’t change how hard I will work. I know how high the stakes are every time I go in the ring.

I have never fought a Smokin’ Joe Frazer prototype. That’s why this is the most intriguing fight for me. I thought Ali was the best ever and I still do and I thought his best and favorite opponent was Joe Frazer. I have never had that type of fight in front of me and now I’ve got one. I can’t wait and I’ll have the time of my life.

It took me a couple of years to figure it out but I had to speed it up from 95 mph to 105 mph because I’m a little older. And instead of turning a left hook on 5 I have to turn it up to 8 so when I hit him I know it will do something to him. The straight right hand used to be in X mode and now it is in a K8 like the state troopers use – a different kind of radar – but that is about all.

Hi, it’s Bernard…

I don’t even like your first name but what’s happening?

It’s the other Bernard…have you had to make adjustments due to losing some speed?

I had to throw that safe stuff out the window. Keeping my hands up? That got me KO’d twice. I said ‘you know what?’ that’s wrong for me. I am not that orthodox original type of fighter. Fighting with my hands up I am no good. I had to go back and re-drop my hands back down by my side, get my mouthpiece to stick and stick out my tongue and piss people off before I knock them out because that’s what I used to do and that was what I was best at. You can walk on the road and get killed or you can make your own path off the road and walk all day long.

So the adjustment I made was wrong. I calmed down and put my hands up and it messed me all up. When you start thinking you are not the same guy you think you need to change and that’s when you get messed up and that’s what I did. I thought I had to put my hands up and I started getting knocked out. I thought I was getting too old to be Roy Jones and I didn’t have the energy but the real problem was I didn’t have the work ethic to be Roy Jones. But I soon realized I’ve got everything it takes to be Roy Jones and all I’ve got to do is work harder.

Jeff Lacy Interview

There is always a chance for good fights because you’ve got fighters willing to fight each other. Roy had always made his mandatory’s. Roy Jones is willing to fight me. I am a warrior that is not going to back down from anybody and that is going to make a good fight.

Me, old? At your age would you call 32 young or old? Look at Bernard Hopkins – he’s still going strong. You are only as old as you feel and if I had to put a number on it I would say I feel 23.

When you are a mental person as I am you deal with things differently. I am now doming around to understanding the business of boxing a little better and learning to deal with it.

I have always followed Roy Jones. He is a guy that is a gentleman outside of the ring and goes in there and takes care of business. So how could you not like him?

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