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Pacquiao Knocks Out The Mayweather Name!

Posted on 02/09/2010

The mere presence of Manny Pacquiao knocked out Floyd Mayweather’s self-proclaimed nickname of “Money.” The pound-for-pound pretender cackled for years about how he was Money Mayweather and, If it makes dollars it makes sense. $200 million liquid.

Mark Kriegel of asked the pound-for-pound fraud if he was disappointed the big money fight with Manny Pacquiao did not come off. (Keep in mind how many times advisor/liar Leonard Ellerbe told the media how eager Floyd was to fight Manny Pacquiao.) “Not at all. Not at all. Not at all,” repeated Mayweather three times. “Because I’m happy within myself. The thing is, what people fail to realize – money don’t make me. I make money. You know what I’m sayin? Money doesn’t define what Floyd Mayweather is. (He’s right about that – ducking does.) Because if I was money-hungry I would say, I don’t care what a fighter is taking. I don’t care if a fighter takes a drug test or not. Let me fight. I just want to get the money. I stand down and behind what’s right.”

Floyd “I’m not money-hungry” Mayweather is full of you know what, once again. He wants the money but he doesn’t want the money if it means he has to get brutally abused and knocked out by Manny Pacquiao. Because all the money in the world couldn’t hide those photos, images and videos of Mayweather getting violently knocked out by Manny Pacquiao.

“I don’t care what the critics say. Floyd Mayweather fights for Floyd Mayweather,” he also said earlier in the interview. “I live my life for myself and for my family. When it’s all said and done, the critics aren’t gonna pay – come to my house and pay my bills. And I just do what I do.”

Kriegel asked Mayweather when he will beat Pacquiao, assuming like most fans that the fight will eventually come off. But Floyd isn’t as eager as Ellerbe claimed he was. “Whenever it happens, if it happens,” said Mayweather. “With or without Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather is okay.”

Wait a second. Doesn’t Floyd want Pacquiao to agree to the 14 days? Shouldn’t the fraud be saying, As soon as Manny Pacquiao agrees to a random test 14 days before the fight?

Why doesn’t Floyd want an easy $40 million payday for a fight he says would be easy because Pacquiao is one-dimensional?

It’s hard to keep up with all the lies this fraud and his team tell the media. But one thing I am sure of: Fraud Mayweather knows he better avoid Manny Pacquiao at all costs if he wants to keep his career going. The humble shall be exalted and the exalted shall be humbled. Manny Pacquiao is his worst nightmare.

Mayweather never wanted to fight Pacquiao and now it’s becoming clear he never will fight Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao is just too good, too dangerous. All the money in the world ain’t worth getting slaughtered by a Filipino for the whole wide world to see.

This interview is a new clue for the uninformed and deceived. Manny Pacquiao has now knocked out “Money” from the name and persona of Floyd Mayweather without even having to throw a single punch. Just imagine how he’d re-arrange Floyd’s being if he ever got him in a ring. Unfortunately, for many boxing fans, the fight will never happen. All the money, all the influence and power from HBO and Golden Boy are not enough to push a coward into the ring against Manny Pacquiao.

“With or without Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather is okay.”

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