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One on One with Yuri Foreman Trainer Joe Grier

Posted on 04/26/2010

Former New Jersey cop Joe Grier operates his own gym in Paterson, NJ and has plenty of experience in the boxing world, working with the likes of Curtis Harris, Frankie Toledo, among others. Grier also trains WBA Super Welterweight champ Yuri Foreman and in this interview, shares his views on the upcoming June 5 Yankee Stadium showdown between Foreman and Miguel Cotto…

BoxingInsider: Talk about Miguel Cotto and his attributes.

Joe Grier: “He’s been a great world champion. He didn’t get there by being stupid. He’s a very smart young man and he has a very smart camp. I would imagine – with Emanuel Steward in his camp – maybe he will enhance his camp even more so. But it will just make it more competitive. We love it like that.”

BoxingInsider: What is the key to victory for Yuri?

Joe Grier: “They key is to be Yuri Foreman. To continue to box. And be Yuri Foreman. Be intelligent, be smart. Be sharp, be quick. Keep movement, maintain his control of the fight. Maintain control in the first half, in the second half we will start stepping it up a little bit more. We’ll challenge him more.”

BoxingInsider: With the noticable height advantage for Yuri, can you see this turning into like a Vitali Klitschko vs. Samuel Peter type fight? Yuri’s height advantage is considerable and he has very good classic technical boxing skills.

Joe Grier: “Height means nothing. You can’t measure a guy like Cotto’s height because he’s short. Some of the shortest guys in the world have been tremendously powerful fighters and individuals. This is one of those fights that you can’t judge like that. I think it’s a perfect match, especially for both at this time. I think it’s a great match for Yuri. This is a great challenge against a great champion. And a great challenge for Cotto to give him. The ultimate opportunity to prove himself once again.”

BoxingInsider: What most concerns you about Miguel Cotto?

Joe Grier: “His strength. His strength. He’s strong. And he puts his shots together nicely. And he’s got very good legs. A lot of people – I don’t think they really consider his mobility – he has very, very good legs.”

BoxingInsider: Changing subjects here, how do you see Mosley vs. Mayweather playing out?

Joe Grier: “I’m going with Mayweather. I love Mosley but I’m gonna go with Mayweather. He’s a modern day fighter. I think Shane has seen his better days. I think he’s gonna be tremendously competitive in the fight. I think it will be very close but I’m gonna give the edge to Mayweather. It’s right on time for him now. He’s trying to prove himself. I’m going along with him.”

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