Oleg Maskaev: I’ll Replace Povetkin & Fight Klitschko


I have lost only one fight in the last 6 years. The bizarre and strange circumstances surrounding the Peter bout, including the possibility of criminal activity, will all be coming out when we appear before the Court of Sports Arbitration.

If Klitschko selects Rahman as his opponent, then Klitschko is facing the loser, not the winner. I have stopped Rahman nt once, but twice, the last time winning the WBC Heavyweight Championship from him. What has Rahman done since I stopped him? He quit against Toney and then had a life and death against my sparring partner, Zuri Lawrence.

Styles make fights, and Klitschko’s style is made to order for me. I stopped Vitali as an amature and I will stop Vladimir as a pro. I know how to rough him up. I will knock him out.

Talk is cheap; I’ll put my money where my mouth is. As far as the purse, let us fight, winner take all. If you are not interested in another mis-match Vlad, have Shelly Finkle call my promoter, Dennis Rappaport. I’m prepared to fight you in the U.S., in Russia, in Germany, and even in your own living room. Let’s get it on !!”

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